Shaft-grouted RR® micropile

Shaft-grouted RR® micropile and fitted equipment

These micropiles are mainly shaft-bearing micropiles where the geotechnical bearing resistance of the shaft is improved through continuous shaft grouting. These are suitable for frictional soils where the high shaft resistance of grouted micropiles allows using essentially shorter piles.


RR® micropiles are delivered either as pipes or as ready-made elements with an external sleeve splice at one end of the element.

Grouting shoe

The installation of a shaft-grouted RR® micropile involves feeding of grout into the micropile from the top which then discharges into the space and soil surrounding the micropile through a grouting shoe. The grouting shoe is attached to the lower end of a driven micropile and it has larger diameter than the pile itself to make sufficient room for the grout around the micropile. The shoe has routes for grout to flow from inside the pile to space around the pile.