Metal coatings for coils and sheets

Metal coated products are made for applications that must withstand various corrosive environment, wherein they extend the service life of the end product by protecting the steel from corrosion.

Extend product service life and more

In addition, properly chosen metal coating makes it possible to facilitate the processing of the coated product, for instance in terms of formability, weldability and paintability.

SSAB´s offering of hot-dip metal coated products include zinc (Z), galfan (ZA) and galvannealed (ZF) coated sheet steels. The zinc coating range covers protection from Z100 up to Z600. Service life up to 80 years can be achieved with Z600 coating.


Zinc coating (Z)

Protection against rust

Zinc coating produced on both sides by hot-dip galvanizing extends the service life of the end product by protecting the steel from corrosion.


Galfan (ZA)

Enhanced formability and corrosion resistance

Galfan is a zinc-aluminium alloy coating that provides excellent corrosion protection and forming properties compared to traditional zinc coating.

galvannealed steel

Galvannealed (ZF)

Excellent corrosion protection for painted steel parts

Galvannealed coating is a zinc-iron alloy coating featuring excellent resistance welding properties and paint adhesion. It is ideal coating for spot welding and high-end painting applications.

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Metal coated Advanced High Strength Steel (AHSS)

Metal coated Docol® AHSS steel

Metal coated Docol® AHSS steels are advanced high-strength steels that are hot-dip metal coated for corrosion protection. Using metal coated Docol® AHSS in structural and safety parts provides lightweight vehicles without compromising passenger safety and corrosion resistance.

Metal-coated high strength low alloy steel

Metal coated SSAB Domex® HSLA steel

Metal coated Domex® HSLA steels are designed for applications that require galvanic corrosion protection and good formability in relation to high guaranteed yield strength.

Metal coated SSAB Domex® structural steel

Metal coated SSAB Domex® structural steels are made for thin-gauge structural applications that call for load-bearing capacity and good galvanic corrosion protection. The construction industry uses these metal coated grades in various profiled building components, for example in load-bearing sheets and profiles, purlins and nail plates.

Metal coated SSAB Form steels

Metal coated SSAB Form steels are the right choice when you need excellent cold formability and galvanic corrosion protection. These mild steel grades are designed for most heavily shaped components that are produced, for example, by deep drawing, bending or roll forming.