Calculate your CO2 savings

If you choose to use Weathering steel without painting, you will save dioxide emissions. If painting, you still have reduced CO2 emissions because you would not have to repaint the steel as often as you would with a regular carbon steel.

Calculate CO2 Emissions Saved

Area or liter of paint
M2 to paint

The size of area to be painted

Paint thickness

The paint’s thickness in micrometer

Litres of paint

Litres description goes here.


Fill in your data and you will get the results of how much CO2 is expected to be emitted during painting.

Enter an amount of paint to calculate.

Painting m2 with a thickness of micrometers emits:

Using litres of paint, you will use:

of CO2

How much corrosion can weathering steel resist? All steels oxidize after some time, but some more than others. When choosing the thickness of the steel, you should take corrosion levels into account.

SSAB Weathering for structures and bridges

Structures and bridges

SSAB Weathering is the ideal choice for steel constructions that are difficult to reach and expensive to maintain.
SSAB Weathering for heavy transport

Heavy transport

Heavy transports in SSAB Weathering steel are strong, hardwearing, take higher payloads and are relatively light compared to vehicles made from conventional steel.
SSAB Weathering steel for process industries

Process Industries

SSAB Weathering steels is resistant to high temperatures and a sulfur-rich atmosphere, common in petrochemical plants.