What is Domex Plus

SSAB Domex® Plus is part of the next generation of high strength, low alloy (HLSA) steels. It is a further developed version of the well-established SSAB Domex®, famous for its extremely consistent properties.

SSAB Domex® Plus is produced with a unique manufacturing technology, giving it a finer microstructure, refined and evenly distributed perlite, leading to improved properties to overcome technical challenges in stamping, punching and press-forming. It also has excellent forming qualities, both locally and globally. Because we know that it’s all in the details.

With SSAB Domex® Plus, you always know what you get, as the properties remain the same from batch to batch. A steel you can trust – every time. It helps you improve productivity, with less scrap, less rejections and lower costs.

To suit every need you might have, SSAB Domex® Plus is available as pickled coils, pickled slitted coils and cut-to-length.

Domex® Plus offers:

  • Improved shear-cut quality
  • Improved edge ductility
  • Outstanding impact toughness min 40J/ -60°C
  • Performance in shear cutting
  • Performance in press-forming
  • Minimum yield strength 355-500 MPa

Ideal for facing the challenges of serial production in:

  • Die-forming
  • Fine-blanking
  • Punching
  • Stamping
  • Bending

No more:

  • Edge cracking during forming
  • Micro cracks during punching
  • Lamellar splitting in shear cutting
  • Too small cut-aways in punching
  • Need for reworking


Robust behavior

Cutting clearance is one of the most important parameters but tends to vary in serial production. Thanks to the finer microstructure SSAB Domex® Plus behaves extremely robust under varying cutting clearances and tool wearing. This means more stable quality of the cut edge and more robust process and has direct impact on the cut edge quality and tool maintenance costs.

Put simply: the robust material lets you use your tools longer, without cracks, even if your tools are worn down. This leads to more efficient production and lower costs.

High impact toughness

Standard steel becomes brittle when it gets cold. But Domex® Plus stays tough even down to - 60° C, letting you keep working hard even as the temperature drops.

Improved edge ductility

Domex® Plus shows extremely robust behavior in edge stretching, it has notably higher hole expansion values even if cutting clearance is changing and much lower scatter.
This improves the quality of the parts and gives robustness in the processing.

A cutting edge material

SSAB Domex® Plus has a much finer cut edge even with higher cutting clearance. The shear zone is longer and the fractured zone is finer. A longer shear zone resists crack growth in forming and under dynamic loading.

The shear zone stays larger even if the cutting clearance is growing meaning that shearing and punching tools will have longer lifetime. Also, Domex® Plus has high tolerance for worn tools. When punching tool edges start to become dull and tool clearances are growing, SSAB Domex® Plus keeps performing.

Makes the scrap bin light

Bend and press without cracks, as SSAB Domex® Plus has superior local formability.

Complex bending and forming can be performed without cracks, improving yield and quality of the final product drastically. When every detail is perfect – you get less scrap.

Domex® Plus lets you use more of your material, and leaves less scrap, as it can be cut any which way and still retain its properties. And you can make more advanced shapes. Bend it, cut it, form it – SSAB Domex® Plus stays true to shape.