Road transportation safety

High-strength steels are contributing to the drive for safety

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Safety is a key concern in the heavy transport sector. Heavy-vehicle manufacturers must try to balance competing demands for vehicles that carry more load while still being safe and environmentally friendly. The choice of material and design can make a huge impact on a vehicle’s function and safety in safety-sensitive applications.

SSAB is intensely involved in developing new, higher strength steels and applications to improve crash safety in heavy transport. High-strength steels can help build a bridge to safer, sounder products and a global low-carbon economy. Such steels help vehicle manufacturers slash a vehicle’s body structure mass and its handling costs, while end users can expect both higher performance and fuel savings.

Super-size vehicles face a long-haul battle

In Europe, a battle is raging over the use of “eco-combis” – super-size road trains that can measure up to 25.25 m (82.8 ft) and have a maximum gross weight of 60 tonnes.

These vehicles have been long used in Sweden and Finland. The European Parliament’s Transport Committee has not yet decided whether to allow these vehicles on international routes in Europe.

The Transport Committee also suggested changes to truck design rules that would make it easier for drivers to see pedestrians and cyclists and improve bodywork streamlining to cut pollutant emissions. The rules would allow designs to exceed current maximum length and weight limits in order to improve performance in these areas.

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Our technical speciasts the can help you discover how to create innovative design solutions that leverage the steels' unique properties to deliver lighter, stronger and safer products.The earlier we're brought into a project, the easier it is for us to make sure the products are designed right from the start.