Dump truck bodies, liners and tail gates in Hardox® wear plate

Hardox® steel makes an outstanding dump truck material for fighting wear in mining and quarry dump trucks thanks to its great impact and dent resistance.

It also allows for excellent design solutions given its structural properties. Bend it rather than weld a larger number of parts.

Hardox® 450 is a great choice for high-impact areas because of its good wear resistance and structural properties that can withstand both wear and heavy impact. It also has excellent workshop properties. Hardox® 500 Tuf has exactly the same workshop properties and toughness, only harder and stronger. It allows for an additional reduction of thickness and weight compared to a Hardox® 450, or improved wear life by 53%.

Using Hardox® 550 as dump truck material for dead bed liners at the tail section, which is particularly exposed to sliding wear rather than heavy impact, can improve wear life by 43%, even compared with Hardox® 500.