Discover how hard Hardox® wear plate works to provide superior wear resistance during the entire service life of a wear plate.

Built to take a beating

Rocks, sand, coal, minerals, scrap metal and other hostile materials find it hard to make a lasting impression on Hardox® wear plates. With its combination of high hardness, strength and toughness, Hardox® steel has proven itself as the abrasion-resistant steel of choice for extending the service life of equipment, parts and structures in the most challenging environments.

A lifetime of savings

Extreme wear resistance is also a strategic business factor. When you extend the service life of your equipment two, five or even ten or more times, you can watch your productivity — and your savings — grow.

Hardox wear plate vs Normal Steel

The hard facts

Hardness is the property that provides excellent wear protection during the entire service life of a Hardox® wear plate.

Check! Hardox  Hardness minimizes wear since the edges of abrasive material have difficulty cutting into the hard surface.

Check! Hardox  More than skin deep, Hardox® features all-through hardness.

Check! Hardox  The hardness does not conflict with Hardox® wear plate’s structural performance.

Check! Hardox  Hardox® steel comes in a wide range of grades and dimensions to suit your particular application.

How hard is hard?

Whatever you call this property — yield strength, tensile strength or hardness — we know that it keeps a structure in shape without the structure becoming plastically deformed. Watch how we test Hardox® steel before it digs into the ground.

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Payload and service life

Hardox® wear-resistant steel helps to reduce weight and extend the service life of truck bodies, containers, dumpers, buckets, garbage trucks and more.

Originally intended as wear plate, it turns out that Hardox® steel can act as a load-carrying part in many applications due to its unique combination of hardness and toughness. With Hardox® wear plate, you can design structures that are wear-resistant, strong and lightweight, all at the same time.

Today, Hardox® has come a long way from its early years. It comes in a much wider range, and the traditional Hardox® wear plate is also available as wear-resistant tubes and round bars.

A die-hard steel for long-living equipment

Extreme abrasion resistance has always been the key to Hardox® wear plate’s success. Today, it’s harder and tougher than ever, able to withstand heavy impact without permanent deformation or cracking. So if you’re an equipment or machine operator, don’t worry: Hardox® can fend off shocks, jolts, bangs, nicks and jabs. This steel can take a beating and keep on performing, day after day.

If you or your customers are fleet or equipment owners, think of equipment containing Hardox® steel as a strategic business investment. You’ll appreciate that you can easily extend the service life of your equipment by two, three, five or ten times or more. Not only does this add to the lifespan, but without ugly cracks and dents your equipment looks better while in use, too.

The proof is in the payload

Hardox® wear plate in truck, container or concrete mixer bodies helps you reduce vehicle weight to improve fuel economy, increase legal truck payload and even downsize to a smaller, often more fuel-efficient, vehicle.

The lower weight from lighter bodies allows fleets to carry more load using the same vehicles. For example, a lighter dumpster container made of Hardox® steel means an increased load capacity of 10-20% or even more in some applications.

This extra capacity may result in fewer trips per day because the vehicle can carry more payload. A lower curb weight also reduces fuel consumption and in turn operating costs. As an extra bonus, 100% of Hardox® wear plate can be recycled at the end of its lifetime without loss of its properties or performance.

So whether you need to move a mountain, dig a ditch or carry a heavy load, Hardox® steel works hard to contribute to a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

Hardox® wear plate vs mild steel

How hard is hard?


Find out why Hardox® can withstand aggressive environments.

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