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Mine dump truck bodies in Hardox® wear steel deliver high productivity

September 04, 2023 6 min read


Case details

Country Australia
Company Schlam
Industry Raw material handling
Brand program Hardox® In My Body

Hardox® wear plate shows plenty of muscle in Schlam mine truck bodies. Their Hercules HX bodies load more, last longer, and lower total costs of ownership. It’s taking performance to the next level .

How Hercules HX dump bodies make a difference in mining

The challenges of open-pit mining are many, and some are more easily managed than others. One thing that can be controlled is the total operating costs, where Hercules HX makes a difference on many levels.

The Hercules HX body for mine dump trucks made in Hardox® wear plate is lighter and stronger than competitor bodies. In fact, it has a 10 to 20% higher load capacity. This number has been independently verified in actual mining scenarios. When returning unloaded, the lower tare weight also saves on fuel and tire wear.

Case details

Country Australia
Company Schlam
Industry Raw material handling
Brand program Hardox® In My Body

Longer lifetime lowers total operating costs

A 20% longer service life is another figure with a positive effect on the bottom line. Depending on the load’s abrasiveness, the dump body may even last 50% longer or more by using Hardox® 450 and Hardox® 500 Tuf instead of any conventional AR steel.

The 38-degree tilt angle of the Hercules HX body improves turnaround performance thanks to faster dumping and minimum spillage at the tip head. The high tilt angle also increases tail clearance and reduces the risk of damage.

Certified benefits of Hardox® In My Body for mine dump trucks

When Schlam introduced Hardox® wear steel in the Hercules dump bodies in 2016, joining SSAB’s member program Hardox® In My Body was a natural next step. Hardox® is a well-known brand in Australia for abrasion-resistant steel. The program adds even more value for Schlam’s customers.

Supported by SSAB’s team of wear expert and design specialists, Schlam developed an optimised designed to make the best possible use of Hardox® 500 Tuf. This is the latest Hardox® grade which has an exceptionally high toughness in relation to its hardness. The result is the Hercules HX, a new generation of light and durable high-productivity dump bodies for mine dump trucks.

Once the design and production process was certified by SSAB, the Hercules HX was then able to display the Hardox® In My Body sign as a proof of outstanding quality and performance.

“The access we have to SSAB’s technical resources speeds up both design and production planning. During the pre-fabrication phase, we had frequent contact with the people at SSAB’s Knowledge Service Center. We really appreciate having a direct link to specialists on Hardox® steel for design considerations, wear calculations, welding standards and other topics. They are easy to reach and quick to respond, both crucial factors enabling us to stay ahead in this challenging industry”

Schlam Payload Solutions’ spokesperson said.

Open-pit mining dump bodies on a global scale

The sight of Hercules open-pit mining dump bodies in action is getting more and more common around the world. Schlam is a leading supplier of mine dump truck bodies in Australia. More than 1,000 Hercules bodies have been manufactured for mines at home and abroad. Thanks to the mining industry's growth, the sales of the Hercules bodies have exceeded previous numbers produced at Schlam’s production plants and partners both nationally and internationally.

Up until 2016, the Hercules bodies were branded DT HiLoad Hercules. In that year, DT Australia became part of the Schlam Group, and the lightweight open-pit mining body was subsequently rebranded the Schlam Hercules. Schlam has manufacturing locations for the Hercules bodies in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales, and other regions internationally.

Two oversized loads hauling Hercules dump bodies

The production of Schlam’s Hercules dump bodies is growing fast to keep up with demand.

A yellow mine dump truck on the road with a heavy load

The dump bodies in the Schlam Hercules HX range are designed to meet specific mine requirements and to fit trucks from CAT, Hitachi, Komatsu, Terex, Liebherr and other manufacturers.

Shiny red Hercules HX curved truck body with the Hardox® In My Body logo

The Hercules HX mine dump truck body is a certified Hardox® In My Body product. The design with a semi-circular floor is flexible and can absorb forces without affecting the body’s structural integrity.

Open-pit mining truck in action loading rock

When loading, excess material that falls on the strong curved canopy simply rolls off.

Predictable performance

Advanced computer simulations of loading and tipping flow patterns and stresses on the body allow Schlam’s engineers to reach an optimized design, with its performance confirmed in real-life operations. A 25 mm (0.984”) floor and 20 mm (0.787”) sides of Hardox® wear steel ensure the wear resistance is in line with the wear distribution.

A 3D model of a mining dump truck unloading

Level up with Hardox® In My Body

The Hardox® In My Body sign on equipment means that it is made in Hardox® wear steel and certified to the highest quality

Confirmation of a good choice

The Hardox® In My Body sign on your equipment is a confirmation of quality, performance and reliability.

A huge mining bucket loaded with abrasive debris, made in Hardox® wear plate

Optimize your mining with a certified bucket

Move more per hour with a lighter and more durable bucket from a Hardox® In My Body member.

Mining tray made of Hardox® 500 Tuf, ready for tough applications

Hardox® 500 Tuf for wear resistance and toughness

The new generation of wear plate for tipper trailers, mining and agriculture dump bodies, buckets, containers and other equipment exposed to heavy wear.