Sustainable building with GreenCoat®

GreenCoat® color coated steels stand at the forefront of sustainable building trends worldwide. With numerous advantages over traditional materials like zinc and aluminum, creating buildings with the lowest possible impact on the environment is now possible.

Swedish rapeseed oil color coating

Most GreenCoat® color coated steel products feature a sustainable coating like none other found in the building industry. Using a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of fossil oil, this Bio-based Technology (BT) is the only one on the market made from natural ingredients for exterior building applications like roofs and façades. This helps to drastically lower the environmental footprint of a building. 

In addition, the coating is also chromate free according to REACH regulations, safe to handle, releases no harmful emissions and offers proven, long lasting performance on buildings for many decades to come. 

Rapeseed field with bee

Sustainability of steel

Steel is one of the few materials that offers a 100 percent closed recycling loop. This means that it can be used again and again efficiently, without any loss of its properties or performance – and without the creation of hazardous waste. Steel is also easy to repurpose and reuse, and emits less CO2 during its production than other common building materials like aluminum. 

At SSAB, the total average across all production sites use approximately 45% recycled scrap metal.

Steel is also preferable to other metals when it comes to building. Many governments prohibit the use of non-ferrous metals like zinc and copper in buildings due to the risk of soil contamination when these metals are washed into the ground by rain. 

Already today, SSAB’s blast furnaces emit 7 % less CO2 than the EU average. Through our joint technology initiative HYBRIT, we aim to virtually eliminate all CO2 emissions in steel making. 

Fossil free steel from SSAB

In line with Sweden’s goal to become a carbon neutral country by 2045, SSAB is also committed to the sustainable production of steel. In addition to using a high percentage of recycled material when producing steel, SSAB is a member of the joint venture HYBRIT project, which aims to revolutionize the steel industry with fossil free steel by 2026.

Green industry vision

High performance, longer life

Today, it is not uncommon to see 150-year-old buildings featuring an original steel roof. With high performance like easy formability down to -15C and the lowest thermal expansion of all metals (compared to aluminum, zinc, copper) as well as long lifecycles, GreenCoat® steel products contribute to sustainable buildings by minimizing the need for additional resources. 

To back this up, each GreenCoat® color coated steel comes with a performance guarantee that ensures both the color coating and steel will last for years to come.  


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40 years of worldwide outdoor testing for increased durability

To ensure long lasting performance, GreenCoat® color coated steel guarantees are based on 40 years of experience from accredited outdoor testing sites located around the world.

Here, GreenCoat® products are subjected to real outdoor conditions like saltwater, snow, ice, rain, UV radiation, high humidity, wind and storms.

They are tested for corrosion, color and gloss retention, bendability, adhesion and more, with quality and environmental consideration as constant driving forces. 

Outdoor testing
GreenCoat truck

GreenCoat® and greener transportation

SSAB’s sustainable objectives with regards to logistics are managed through a certified environmental management system. The aim is to increase the share of logistics contracts with partners who have signed up for energy efficiency agreements in the logistics and transport sector.

Currently, around 85% of SSAB’s land transportation per ton of products is carried out by partners committed to these agreements. SSAB also strives to optimize transports, maximize payloads and combine transports as efficiently as possible.

GreenCoat coils

Environmental certifications and eco-labels

SSAB actively tracks and anticipates future changes in environmental, safety and chemical legislation and complies with valid chemical regulations. GreenCoat® color coated steel products are completely free of chromates and in compliance with the following regulations:

  • REACH regulations
  • CLP
  • SundaHus
  • Byggvarubedömningen (Building Material Assessment, BVB)
  • Swedish Building Product Declarations (Föreningen för Byggvarudeklarationer)

GreenCoat® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

For sustainable building materials, the lifecycle perspective is more important than ever. As a result, documents need to give information addressing the lifecycle phases, product contents as well as the production and how to best recycle or re-use materials.

For complete transparency, the GreenCoat® EPD is available to give you details about how we produce GreenCoat® color coated steel and care for the product lifecycle.

GreenCoat® Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)

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Vibrant and made to last – GreenCoat® samples are available in a great variety of matt, gloss and metallic surfaces as well as for wide range of different building applications.