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Armox® armor plate makes SUVs bulletproof

December 15, 2021 6 min read

Case details

Country United Kingdom
Company British Armour Inc.
Industry Energy transport

British Armour Inc., a global manufacturer of armored SUVs with certified advanced ballistic protection, chooses a leading armor steel plate to protect its vehicles.

Looking through the customer list of British Armour, a global manufacturer of armored vehicles, you’ll see – in addition to the UN – names of presidents and police agencies. The company aims to manufacture its vehicles using the most advanced armoring materials and technology available, coupled with the highest ballistic standards.

Armox protection plate in SUV vehicles

Case details

Country United Kingdom
Company British Armour Inc.
Industry Energy transport

“Personal safety is high on the agenda these days.”

- says CEO Finn Wattenberg, who has seen the company’s turnover rise 20% every year.

The challenge

When Wattenberg founded British Armour in 2003, he needed to find a protection plate that could meet stringent criteria. The Norwegian has a background in the defense industry, and it was here he first came in contact with SSAB.

The solution

The company selected Armox®, which offers excellent ballistic protection and can withstand different types of attacks. British Armour buys SUVs, dismantles them and then armors them with Armox®. To simplify production, SSAB delivers the material in smooth, large pieces. This minimizes welding work as well as wear and tear on the laser cutters used to cut the steel.

As part of the certification process, each model is exposed to 600 bullets, 33 pounds of TNT and several hand grenades. In addition to armor plating, the vehicles also come fit with customized equipment to suit the specific needs of each customer. An overpressure system in the cabin provides protection against gas attacks, and containers holding tear gas, oil and road spikes effectively deter pursuers.

Customer benefits

“Our vehicles are built to withstand gunfire and roadside bombs,” says Wattenberg. “Steel is the absolute best material for this objective, and there is no steel better than Armox® for armor steel plating. Everyone in the industry knows this, which gives us an advantage over our competitors.”


Finding the optimal grade and dimensions for your application, whether it is hardness, toughness, total weight requirements or the machinability that is your challenge.


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