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SSAB Europe

SSAB Europe

Leading Nordic-based steel producer of high-quality strip, plate and tube products


SSAB Europe is a leading producer of high-quality steel strip, plate and tube products. SSAB Europe’s processing centers tailor products to customer needs. The organization's know-how of the production and uses of high-strength steels allows SSAB Europe to work closely with customers and deeply understand their needs. This, combined with the value-added services customers require, makes SSAB Europe stand out from other steelmakers.

SSAB Europe’s focus is on the Nordic home market, along with selective growth areas, such as high-strength steels to the global automotive industry. 

SSAB Europe’s main production sites are located in Raahe and Hämeenlinna (Finland), and in Luleå and Borlänge (Sweden). Production is based on integrated blast furnace processes. SSAB Europe’s steel mills have an annual production capacity of 4.9 million tonnes.

Other production sites include the color-coating lines in Finspång (Sweden) and Kankaanpää (Finland). The division also has tube production in Hämeenlinna, Lappohja, Oulainen, Pulkkila and Toijala (Finland), as well as processing sites in the Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Russia, Poland, Sweden and the UK.


Fast facts

Number of employees: Approximately 6,900
Sales in 2017: SEK 31,048 million
Share of SSAB Group's total sales: 42%
Share of SSAB Group's total EBITDA: 56%
Head of SSAB Europe: Olavi Huhtala, EVP
Steel shipments 2017: 3.7 million tonnes



  • Market leader in the Nordic countries
  • Close collaboration with customers to create a superior customer experience
  • Broad product portfolio with unique premium steels and strong product brands
  • Strong, growing customer base in Europe
  • Leading technology and materials expertise
  • Flexible production capacity
  • Steel products tailored to customer-specific needs
  • Strong partner and distribution network



The Nordic region home market is core to SSAB Europe’s strategy and the goal is to continue developing this market by focusing on the division’s offerings while maintaining its position as the most reliable supplier and customers’ first choice.
Other important strategic focus areas are to continue to grow the Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) business for the global automotive industry, to focus on selected areas of application, and to grow the more unique steel products in a number of different segments. 
SSAB Europe aims to improve the product mix to 40 percent of premium products by 2020, compared with 30 percent in 2016 and 32% in 2017. Key initiatives for non-automotive premium are to further promote end-user benefits with our premium products and to enhance collaboration with multi-channel distributors, e.g. Laser Distribution Partner network expansion.
The merger of SSAB and Rautaruukki has created a more competitive and flexible production system and better utilization of production assets as well as an optimized product portfolio. Continuous improvement in efficiency and productivity are also an important part of SSAB Europe’s strategy and are primarily being driven by continuous improvement across the organization.
Throughout Europe, the focus is on supplying products that add value for customers in all markets, pursuing a strategy of selective growth rather than commodity sales.
Strategic priorities:
  • Focus on working safely throughout the division
  • Secure market leadership in the Nordic home market
  • Improve the premium mix in the product portfolio, 40% by 2020
  • Grow sales of advanced high-strength steel to the automotive industry
  • Improve efficiency and productivity, along with quality and delivery accuracy, through continuous improvement



Customers and end-users

SSAB Europe’s broad product portfolio allows the division to serve customers in diverse segments and in a wide range of applications.
SSAB Europe sells products both directly to end customers and to service centers and wholesalers. Some of the products for the Nordic and Baltic markets are also supplied via Tibnor.
SSAB Europe’s main customer segments
  • Construction & infrastructure
  • Automotive
  • Industrial applications
  • Heavy transportation
  • Energy
  • Construction machinery
  • Service centers
  • Marine & offshore
SSAB Europe supplies different steel grades to major OEMs in the heavy and commercial vehicle sector. Like manufacturers of passenger vehicles, these manufacturers are seeking the benefits of lightweighting and more efficient fuel consumption. The division also sells its products to major agricultural machinery makers. Heavy plates are used extensively in the Nordic markets and within Europe in the energy sectors, while color-coated materials are used primarily by manufacturers of steel roofing and rainwater systems, particularly in the Nordic and Eastern European markets.


Products and services

SSAB Europe has a broad product offering through internationally well-known product brands. Yield strength classes of hot-rolled products up to, but excluding, 690 MPa. (Steel grades of 690 MPa and above in hot-rolled products come under SSAB Special Steels’ product offering.) Cold-rolled and galvanized products are available in tensile strengths ranging from 200 to 1,700 MPa. SSAB Europe’s product offering also includes customized products for diverse uses from mild deep drawing steel to ultra-high-strength steels. In addition, SSAB Europe can provide leading color-coated products designed for specific needs based on many different coating systems and various specially-developed base steel grades.
Premium products include a range of branded products that offer enhanced value to customers through tighter tolerances, improved material properties and refined composition – such as GreenCoat products, Docol automotive steels or SSAB Laser. All of these products deliver improved performance creating a higher value in use. In addition, SSAB Europe’s premium products are designed to deliver sustainable environmental benefits versus standard products in the marketplace.

SSAB Europe’s branded products

  • Docol®
  • GreenCoat®
  • SSAB Boron®
  • SSAB Domex®
  • SSAB Form
  • SSAB Laser®
  • SSAB Weathering
The full range of products includes the following:
  • Hot-rolled plate products
  • Hot-rolled strip products
  • Cold-rolled strip products
  • Metal-coated strip products
  • Color-coated strip products
  • Tubes and sections
  • Infrastructure products
SSAB Europe’s setup enables high availability, short delivery times, advanced logistics services with high delivery accuracy and a high degree of flexibility to meet customer needs, particularly in the Nordic region. Customers can also obtain steels in the formats that best meet their needs. SSAB Europe’s service offering also includes technical advice and workshop support, training and more.

General market conditions and demand

The European steel industry has recovered in recent years due to improved economic activity, which has meant increasing steel demand from important segments like heavy transport, construction, construction machinery and shipbuilding. Anti-dumping measures introduced by the EU to ensure fair competition have also contributed to the improvement. There remains excess capacity in Europe, but ongoing consolidation can drive down overcapacity. 

The European economy is generally strong and a growth in total steel demand is expected in the years to come. There are some regional differences and attractive growth potential for SSAB Europe’s products and services in a number of geographical areas and segments. Development within the global automotive segment in particular, for example in China, India and Mexico, presents interesting growth potential. 


Market areas

  • In the Nordic region, SSAB Europe is a market leader with a complete portfolio of high-quality steel products
  • SSAB Europe has a leading position within selected Advanced High-Strength Steel (AHSS) applications for the global automotive industry
  • In color-coated products, SSAB Europe has leading products and a strong product brand - GreenCoat
  • SSAB Europe has an extensive portfolio of high-quality tube products 
  • Nordic countries account for about 50% of sales, rest of Europe about 40% and rest of the world about 10%



SSAB Europe’s main competitors include ArcelorMittal, Dillinger, Salzgitter, ThyssenKrupp, Tata Steel Europe, US Steel and Voestalpine.