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Ruukki Construction

Ruukki Construction

Sustainable building and construction products and services in Europe

Ruukki Construction offers sustainable building and construction products and services such as roofs, envelopes and frame structures. These services are available either on a product-specific basis or optimized as a package from one and the same supplier.

The product portfolio includes steel-based structures such as sandwich wall and roof panels, profiled building components such as load-bearing sheets and residential roofing products, as well as steel frames. Ruukki Construction’s aim is to provide products of economically, technically and architecturally high-performance and to promote sustainability at all stages in the lifecycle of our customers’ buildings.

Fast facts

Number of employees: Approximately 2,500
Sales in 2017 : SEK 5,773 million
Share of SSAB Group's total sales: 8%
Share or SSAB Group's total EBITDA: 4%
Head of Ruukki Construction: Sami Eronen (1971)



  • Recognized brand in core customer segments
  • Product and service innovations benefitting from advanced technology 
  • Quality, sustainable, certified products with extensive warranties 
  • Wide-ranging know-how covering frame and envelope structure design, consultancy, manufacturing and installation optimized from one and the same supplier
  • Production capacity to meet requirements for large projects
  • Strong steel construction materials know-how
  • Professional optimization of structures to support lifecycle objective in customer projects
  • In-depth expertise in steel structures generates customer value especially in structurally demanding projects


Residential roofing products: Ensure an easy and reliable roofing experience for customers

Provide a complete steel roof package for private consumers, prefabricated house factories, roof installers and tinsmiths both for the construction of new houses and the renovation of existing ones. Serve these end-customers in efficient cooperation with existing channels: dealer specialists, dealer generalists and direct sales.

  • High service focus on key customers and improved availability of products
  • Easy and reliable roofing experience supported by advanced/tailored services
  • Scale benefits in production, raw material harmonization to improve efficiency

Building components: Focus on the whole building lifecycle

Provide leading energy efficient and architectural envelope solutions for construction companies, tinsmiths, installation companies and frame & envelope contractors. Expand value chain towards decision makers and influencers; architects, designers and real estate investors. Focus on value sales. Provide components such as sandwich panels and claddings also for renovating existing buildings. 

  • Differentiate with an energy-efficient, architectural and sustainable portfolio

Building systems: Improve cost efficiency every day without compromising safety, quality and customer cooperation 

Develop project portfolio by increasing design responsibility. Collaborate with customers already at the project development stage.

  • Focus on collaboration with customers in chosen markets and prioritized segments
  • Focus on cost optimization and efficiency in all project phases and functions benefiting end-customers: One project, one team
  • Complete projects reliably without disrupting the customer’s business in both basic and structurally demanding projects or projects that change during the construction process

Customers and end-users

Ruukki Construction’s customers operate in many activities across many countries. The most important decision-making groups are the following: 

  • Architects and structural designers
  • Main contractors and installation companies
  • Real estate owners and developers
  • Residential roofing dealers and tin smiths
  • House owners

Core business segments

  • Non-residential construction
  • Residential construction
  • Industrial and bridge construction


Products and services

  • Steel roofs, rainwater systems and accessories for residential construction
  • Components such as sandwich panels, load-bearing sheets and façade claddings for non-residential construction
  • Frame solutions used in non-residential buildings 
  • Delivery package optimization based on customer needs
  • Design and installation services

 Ruukki Construction has operations in 15 countries, with production units in Seinäjoki, Alajärvi, Vimpeli and Ylivieska (Finland); Zyrardów and Oborniki (Poland); Obninsk and Balabanova (Russia); Gargždai (Lithuania); Tunari (Romania); Anderslöv, Järnforsen and Landsbro (Sweden); Pärnu (Estonia) and Kopylov (Ukraine). Ruukki Construction’s major steel supplier is SSAB Europe. External steel suppliers, mainly in CEE and Russia, play a minor role. Competitiveness is secured by market-level pricing from all suppliers.


Operating environment and general market drivers

Ruukki Construction operates both in the residential and non-residential construction segments. 

General market drivers

  • All construction segments from residential to non-residential are facing transformation due to changes in information technology, consumer behavior and new, more sustainable values. These require industry to adopt new technology in it products, such as smart buildings, and to  respond faster to changing customer behavior
  • Greener, smarter solutions , such as energy saving sandwich panels and facades collecting energy from solar radiation, are increasing in popularity and environmental transparency is becoming a norm
  • Investment timespans are shrinking
  • Demand is growing for buildings that can be modified to take into account changing needs
  • Renovation construction is experiencing market growth
  • Construction business is becoming more service driven


Market areas and market share

Operations in the Nordics represent approximately 60%, Baltics 10%, Central Eastern Europe 20% and Russia and CIS 10% of Ruukki Construction’s sales.



Building Components and residential roofing

  • Component suppliers such as Kingspan, Paroc, Trimo, Lindab, Weckman Steel, Metall Profil, Balex Metal and Blachy Pruszynski
  • Construction business of global steel companies
  • Small, local companies
  • Alternative construction materials

 Building Systems

  • Steel frame manufacturers
  • Procurement models based on small part-projects
  • Alternative construction materials