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About SSAB
About SSAB
Swedish Steel Prize
About SSAB's strategy is Taking the lead



      Net sales SEK 55 billion 
in 2016



Number of emloyees: approximately 15,000



         Employees in over
      50 countries

Customer interaction

We deliver a superior customer experience.

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In close collaboration with customers

SSAB’s business model is built on fostering close, long-term customer relationships. Through intense collaboration, SSAB continuously develops new products, applications, services and processes in order to constantly enhance our market offerings. 

Unlike many steel companies who only act via distributors, SSAB works also directly with OEMs, manufacturers and subcontractors through our own sales force. We support our customers in developing better and more competitive products. We help them to increase productivity and thereby to reduce costs.

To remain at the forefront in the industry, SSAB will continue to invest in research and development, technical customer support and joint innovation initiatives to get the most out of SSAB’s high-strength and advanced high-strength steels. At the same time, the organization strives toward the highest standards in terms of product quality, shorter lead times and delivery reliability.

Development in collaboration with customers

As early as possible in the development of a new product – be it a tipper, a dumper or a crane – SSAB’s qualified applications engineers work to support the customer in developing solutions that best utilize the qualities of each steel grade. This is how SSAB enables customers to produce stronger, lighter and more durable end products. 

With an extensive network of local service centers, SSAB provides prefabrication and steel processing services so customers can focus on their core business. Our service centers can supply slit coil, cut-to-length plate and other formats according to customer specifications. This is how we help our customers to improve their production efficiency, cut material waste and improve end product quality.

SSAB Shape combines premium steel products with engineering and processing services offered through our own Shape Centers and a worldwide network of processing partners.

  • Customized product development and engineering
  • Extensive design support and prefabrication services
  • Reliable, tailor-made logistics and stock services

SSAB Tech Support:

has a high local presence worldwide and can visit customers at short notice to solve acute problems or to initiate longer-term co-development projects. SSAB Tech Support can answer general customer questions about design, welding, forming and wear, and the team works closely with SSAB's specialist groups at the Knowledge Service Center for questions requiring more specialized expertise. Tech Support is the first contact for customers looking for technical support from SSAB.

Research & development

SSAB’s expertise in high-strength steels is based on continuous and focused research and development. SSAB conducts marketdriven research and development with a focus on product development, customer applications and process development. Relevant customer segments are identified through a structured process, where the lighter, stronger and more durable steel applications fill critical functions and add value.

SSAB’s research work is governed by the mandate that SSAB’s products will be the first choice for customers worldwide and will set the standard for performance in selected market segments.

Research and development centers:

  • Borlänge and Oxelösund (Sweden)
  • Raahe and Hämeenlinna (Finland)
  • Montpelier (Iowa, USA)

Nearly a quarter of the employees at these research facilities hold doctorate degrees in technical fields from top universities. This high-end knowledge base ensures cutting-edge research in the industry. In addition to product improvements, research and development teams also focus on ways to enhance production and processing.

SSAB’s research and development is focused primarily on advanced high-strength steels and wear steels, with an emphasis on those segments where demands on the steel are particularly critical. Increased environmental awareness has also been an important driving force in development work, as evidenced by high-strength steels that enable more energy-efficient transportation and lower CO2 emissions. Lastly, knowledge about production processes, material recycling and efficient use of resources is also of great importance to SSAB’s research and development.

SSAB key factors for successful research and development:

  • Market-driven research and development
  • Qualified and skilled employees
  • Effective portfolio and project management
  • Focus on effective problem-solving
  • Work environment that encourages collaboration and innovation
  • Strong external networks


Balanced project portfolio

To remain a market leader in high-strength steels, SSAB must maintain a long-term perspective for research and development efforts. SSAB therefore recognizes the necessity of long-term development. Long-term projects can last as long as five to ten years.

Development projects begin with specific customer requirements, changes in the outside world, market analysis or develop around basic research on the steels' core properties. SSAB strives for a good balance between these categories.

Aftermarket business

The aftermarket has always been an important part of SSAB’s business. Much of SSAB’s know-how comes from experience gained in the spare parts, repair and maintenance business, where new ideas are born and many new products developed.

Hardox Wearparts:

  • An international network for customers manufacturing parts made of Hardox wear plate 
  • Experience and data gained from the network are being used to further develop the offerings, including developing solutions for customers’ aftermarket needs

Hardox Wearparts is a one-stop shop for wear parts – servicing customers in the aftermarket, in industries like mining, quarrying, cement and recycling. To serve customers in these segments, SSAB’s wear steel portfolio has been broadened to include overlay and other complementary products. As part of the offering, we can even measure and identify abrasion on existing equipment, analyze utilization conditions and needs, and calculate advantages using new and improved tools such as 3D scanning or the WearCalc calculation tool. 

Along with the more than 270 companies included in the Hardox Wearparts network, SSAB continues to grow and develop the business worldwide. 

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SSAB offering - with our customers all the way


The way we think. The way we lead. SSAB One.

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SSAB One – our shared management philosophy

We at SSAB want to live up to our vision and build a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

SSAB ONE is our management philosophy that encircles SSAB verifying that, the vision, values and principles of the company are sculptured in the way business is conducted everywhere in the organization. SSAB ONE enhances the company’s approach to improvement work by presenting a fresh mindset, a mindset that is built on eliminating barriers as a function or hierarchy and cultivating a highly involving and cooperative culture where all employees get to have an impact on the future of SSAB. Added, SSAB ONE focuses on flow efficiency and producing with the shortest possible lead times according to the customer’s demand.  

SSAB’s objective is to create maximum value for all of our stakeholders. We carry on that objective by increasing value for our customers in the form of business improvements. And as we work with developing our employees through involvement and leadership built on respect; our owners are receiving increased returns on their investments through constant elimination of waste. Simultaneously, SSAB is committed to solving problems and challenges within our society. Creating this win-win culture requires the absolute best from us. We take responsibility for the interests of all stakeholders. We reform many structures, systems and procedures to be in line with this objective. Indeed, by applying the SSAB ONE philosophy this is made more and more possible

Our SSAB ONE journey strengthens the system as a whole, and enables us, together, to reach full capacity at upsurging value for our stakeholders. SSAB ONE serves as a common dominator for our improvement structure at SSAB. By having a mutual understanding of SSAB ONE and using the company’s vision as the common purpose, the values as standards for our convictions and behavior, and the principles as the rational for how to reach our fundamental goals, we will succeed.



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