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Contact technical support

Armox Sales and Tech Support, armox@ssab.com

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Hardox in My Body

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Metal coated - Tech support

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My Inner Strenx

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Michael Foos

Area Technical Manager US East

Mobile phone: +1 219 743 4460

Direct phone: +1 219 926 6234

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William King

Area Technical Manager - Automotive

Mobile phone: +1 734 250 4987

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Todd Nelson

Director, Applications Engineering

Mobile phone: 1-563-554-7766

Direct phone: 1-563-381-5787

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Maurice Picard

Technical Director / Directeur Technique

Mobile phone: +1 514 946 1752

Direct phone: +1 800 361 1385

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Mike Schmidt

Area Technical Manager US West

Mobile phone: +1 563 613 4076

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David Stoddard

Senior Applications Engineer

Mobile phone: 1-563-607-4866

Direct phone: 1-563-381-5759

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Bruce Wilkinson

Area Technical Manager, Automotive

Direct phone: +1 248 986-3246

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SSAB Steel handbooks

For the world's most advanced steel products, we offer the most advanced technical support!

The SSAB Steel Handbooks are based on more than 40 years of experience in steelmaking and design as well as knowledge derived from leading steel experts, thousands of product applications globally and end-user experience on all continents.

The handbooks provide in-depth theoretical background and information, application guidelines and step-by-step recommendations on topics such as welding, forming, joining and design.