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Armox Sales and Tech Support, armox@ssab.com

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Hardox in My Body

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Metal coated - Tech support

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My Inner Strenx

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Michael Foos

Area Technical Manager US East

Mobile phone: +1 219 743 4460

Direct phone: +1 219 926 6234

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William King

Area Technical Manager - Automotive

Mobile phone: +1 734 250 4987

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Todd Nelson

Director, Applications Engineering

Mobile phone: 1-563-554-7766

Direct phone: 1-563-381-5787

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Maurice Picard

Technical Director / Directeur Technique

Mobile phone: +1 514 946 1752

Direct phone: +1 800 361 1385

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Mike Schmidt

Area Technical Manager US West

Mobile phone: +1 563 613 4076

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David Stoddard

Senior Applications Engineer

Mobile phone: 1-563-607-4866

Direct phone: 1-563-381-5759

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Bruce Wilkinson

Area Technical Manager, Automotive

Direct phone: +1 248 986-3246

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SSAB Steel handbooks

Order your individual copy or the complete Tech Library set today, and gain insight into working and designing with SSAB's high-strength steels.

Drawing on SSAB’s expertise in steelmaking and design, as well as thousands of applications globally, our Steel Handbooks provide in-depth theoretical background, application guidelines and step-by-step recommendations on topics like welding, forming, joining and design.

In addition to our classic guides, we publish the unique ”Welding of AHSS/UHSS Steel,” which aims to fill a knowledge gap about welding advanced high-strength and ultra-high-strength steels in the automotive industry. It combines in-depth theoretical background, detailed test results, application guidelines, and best-practice recommendations for coated and uncoated steels of this type.

Simply complete the form below to order your copy today!

Welding handbook

Weldability characteristics for Hardox and Strenx

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Welding handbook

Welding Handbook

The Welding handbook covers weldability characteristics regarding Hardox and Strenx. A main feature is to address issues and recommendations on how to utilize the potential of welded structures. Subjects such as measures to attain beneficial mechanical properties in the joint and how to counteract defects related to welding are discussed.  Written principally for technicians and engineers, others may also benefit from the book. The handbook is divided into 23 chapters and it covers 132 pages. Price: 95 Euro.

Order the digital handbook as a PDF by filling in the form below. In case you'd like to order the printed version, please fill in your address here.


Joining handbook

Joining high-strength steels

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Joining handbook

Joining Handbook

Joining high-strength steels.

The purpose of this Handbook is to provide guidance and impart new, deeper knowledge of joining SSAB products, with emphasis on high strength steels.

The Handbook is aimed principally at personnel engaged on joining and at designers. The Handbook can also be used for training purposes.


  • SSAB products
  • Fusion welding
  • Resistance welding
  • Mechanical joining
  • Adhesive bonding
  • Soldering and brazing
  • Fatigue - comparison between different joining methods
  • Joining to other materials

Price: 95 Euro

Forming handbook

Size shearing operations and plastic forming

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Forming handbook

Forming Handbook

Size shearing operations and plastic forming.

The Forming Handbook, which is an extension and expansion of the chapter entitled "Fabrication" in the Sheet Steel Handbook, is a collection of valuable knowledge on size shearing operations and plastic forming, with emphasis on high-strength steels.


  • Material Properties
  • Size Shearing
  • Plastic Forming
  • Formability and material behaviour
  • Tooling materials, surfaces and tribology
  • Surface treatments and coatings

Price: 95 Euro

Design handbook

SSAB's classic handbook on high-strength steels

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Design handbook

New edition of the Design Handbook available in English

The new English edition of SSAB’s classic handbook on high-strength steels has left the printing press

Design HandbookThe Design Handbook covers areas such as choosing materials, practical design solutions, resistance calculation and production technology. The Design Handbook largely follows the European Common Standards Eurocode 3, 2010 and gives you the collective experiences of a large number of experts and researchers. Price: 95 Euro.

Order the digital handbook as a PDF by filling in the form below. In case you'd like to order the printed version, please fill in your address here.


Welding of AHSS/UHSS

A welding guide for the automotive industry and other industries focusing on AHSS/UHSS steel

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Welding Guide of AHSS/UHSS for the automotive industry

Welding Guide of AHSS/UHSS for the automotive industry

A guide for the automotive industry and other industries focusing on AHSS/UHSS Steel

Welding of AHSS/UHSS steelThe Welding Guide presents a detailed overview of the most common welding methods in the automotive industry: resistance spot welding, laser welding and arc welding. It provides a special focus on welding with UHSS, while revealing detailed test results and best-practice recommendations for both coated and uncoated AHSS/UHSS steels. 

It is available to all automotive manufacturers and Tier suppliers, as well as to other industrial segments that are interested.

The Welding Guide is unique within the steel and automotive industry, covers 80 pages and is available in English language.

Price: 85 Euro

Tech Library

With SSAB Tech Library at your disposal, you'll be able to easily, quickly and cost-effectively consult our expertise

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Tech libary

Join the SSAB team

The world’s need of lighter, stronger products is quickly accelerating. We can easily see that there is a quickly escalating upgrading happening, both within different branches and globally. Will your company be able to make the transition over to advanced high-strength steel? Do you have the knowledge and the production capabilities that are required?

Join our winning team! Our experts are constantly striving to discover new solutions and then developing them according to the needs and wants of our customers. Together we can find solutions that strengthen our customers’ competiveness on the market.

  • Design Handbook
  • Forming Handbook
  • Joining Handbook
  • Welding Handbook

Tech Library

With SSAB Tech Library at your disposal, you'll be able to easily, quickly and cost-effectively consult our expertise.

Price: 325 Euro

To buy the manuals please send a email  to ssab@tm-gruppen.se with following information:

Zip/Postal code
VAT number (only for countries within the EU, except Sweden)
Reference number (internal, if needed)
Delivery address (if other than invoice address)


Questions, please contact marita.bostrom@ssab.com