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Farmtech’s agricultural tippers made from Hardox® steel are “indestructible,” according to customers

In the midst of the beautiful Slovenian countryside, tipper body specialist Farmtech constructs high-quality equipment for the demanding agricultural industry, which runs continuous transports with heavy loads. The recipe for the success of the heavy-duty dump tipper Gravis 2000 is to use Hardox® 450 wear plate throughout the model’s body.

The conical shape of Farmtech’s Gravis 2000 dumper body is made exclusively out of Hardox® 450 wear plate. This ensures endurance during the hard work of the agricultural industry, transporting dirt and big rocks, both off-road and on-road.

Farmtech is situated in the vicinity of Ljutomer in the dead center of Slovenian farmland, with fields stretching all around as far as the eye can see. Wanting the equipment to last longer, the farmers, hauling not only grain but also heavy soil and rocks, need the highest level of quality for their agricultural machinery.

“We have been using Hardox steel for many years, so we knew that it would be the perfect fit for the Gravis 2000,” says Miro Hajdinjak, development manager at Farmtech. “We decided to design the tipper body entirely out of Hardox 450, which gave an extra advantage.”

The most critical part is the floor, which is subject to very big loads. But the sides of the tipper body also need to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

“We have been using Hardox steel for many years, so we knew that it would be the perfect fit for the Gravis 2000.”

Miro Hajdinjak, development manager at Farmtech

Hardox® In My Body is a guarantee of quality

Being a Hardox® In My Body customer program member gives Farmtech an advantage in the market, as it is a guarantee for customers that the dump tippers are made out of high-quality steel. This is something Franz Jantscher, operational manager at Farmtech, has firsthand experience with. He knows that the customers need to be able to rely on the quality of the agricultural equipment.

“We get very good feedback from our customers,” Jantscher says. “They say it’s not cheap, but it's indestructible. Compared to our competitors, our vehicles offer a much higher stability and wear resistance.”

Jantscher explains that the Hardox® In My Body sign is very well known and much appreciated by customers. Farmtech serves a market all over Europe. Most of its customers are in Germany, Switzerland and Austria, but there are others in Slovenia, Croatia, Serbia and Hungary.

“It is an advantage for us if we can demonstrate that we are using Hardox, which means that we are using a high-strength material,” he says. “Reliability and wear resistance are playing an important role, and the Hardox In My Body sign makes it possible for our customers to trust our products.”

About Farmtech

  • Austrian-owned agricultural equipment company with factory facilities in Ljutomer, Slovenia
  • Dedicated to farming equipment for over 50 years
  • Part of Komptech Group and one of the leading agricultural machine companies in Europe
  • Core markets: Austria, Croatia, Germany, Hungary, Serbia, Slovenia and Switzerland


SSAB steel used in Farmtech’s products

  • Hardox® 450 wear plate throughout the body of the Gravis 2000 agricultural dump tipper
    • 8-millimeter thickness in the floor
    • 6-millimeter thickness in the walls
  • Hardox® steel is also used in other parts that are subject to wear and tear, such as trailer parts and knives in spreaders

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Hardox®-kulutuslevy on maailman johtava kulutusteräs. Hardox®-teräs on kauttaaltaan yhtä kovaa, mikä takaa pidemmän käyttöiän ja hyvän tuottavuuden vaikeimmissakin ympäristöissä.

Hardox® In My Body

Hardox® in My Body -merkki takaa, että tuotteet ovat kestäviä, lujia ja kustannustehokkaita, ja että ne on valmistettu aidosta Hardox®-kulutuslevystä.

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