Tailored sections open up new possibilities

As your active development partner, SSAB helps you discover and create completely new products or improve existing ones.

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In addition to standard section shapes, we can also deliver steel sections tailored to your specific needs using the best materials for the application. Tailoring section properties to your needs can sharpen your end product's competitive edge and boost your production efficiency.

Our customers are using tailored steel sections in the construction, vehicle engineering, agriculture, transportation, lifting, handling and energy sectors as well as for other applications.

The choice of steel section shapes is endless. We can produce thousands of different shapes, delivered punched, laser cut, sand blasted, painted, hot-dip galvanized or zinc coated. Material is available up to 12.5 mm thickness in lengths varying from 0.5 m to 21 m.

Thanks to our in-house expertise in high-quality steels combined with roll-forming experience, SSAB can provide the best possible solution for your needs.