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SSAB Domex® cold-formed steel sections

  • SSAB Domex Section 235
  • SSAB Domex Section 355MC
  • SSAB Domex Section 420MC
  • SSAB Domex Section 460MC
  • SSAB Domex Section 500MC
  • SSAB Domex Section 550MC
  • SSAB Domex Section 320GD
  • SSAB Domex Section 350GD

Stock Sections

  • U-section, Equal-angles section, Unequal-angles section, C-section, Lipped C-section, Conveyor rail, Ω-section, Z-section, Cable cover

SSAB Weathering Sections

For advanced engineering and construction under tough atmospheric conditions

  • SSAB Weathering Section 355
  • COR-TEN® Section

Strenx® Sections

Strenx® Section is a cold-formed steel section made of hot-rolled, high-strength steel

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    Tuotteen nimi Standardit
    Strenx® Section 650MC EN 10162
    Strenx® Section 700MC EN 10162
    Strenx® Section 900MC EN 10162
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      Tuotteen nimi
      EN 10162
      Tuotteen nimi
      EN 10162
      Tuotteen nimi
      EN 10162

      Tailored sections

      The choice of steel section shapes is endless. Tailored sections open up new possibilities in construction, vehicle engineering, agriculture, transportation, lifting, handling and energy sectors.


      Trapezoidal sections

      A highly effective way to brace steel plate structures


      Safety barriers

      SSAB’s tailored and ready-to-install steel safety barriers can be used for directing traffic as well as to fence and protect areas.