RRPileCalc –SSAB:n teräspaalujen suunnitteluohjelman perusteet

Saatavilla Tallenteena
45 Min

RRPileCalc on SSAB:n teräspaalujen suunnitteluohjelma. Teräspaalujen suunnittelussa otetaan huomioon sekä eurokoodit että kansalliset vaatimukset ja ohjeet.

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April 26, 14.00–14.45 including a short Q&A session

This webinar presents the basics of RRPileCalc and gives best advices on the use and utilization of the program, including:

  • Introduction
  • Principles of analysis
  • New features of the design tool
  • Calculation examples
  • Calculation documents


Antti Perälä

Technology Manager, SSAB

Antti Perälä is responsible for the technical support of SSAB's Steel pile products. Antti has Master's degree in structural engineering and has many years of experience in construction engineering and geotechnical design. He lectures part-time at the Faculty of Built Environment at the University of Tampere. In his daily work, he also holds seminars for customers and designers both in Finland and elsewhere in Europe.