Antti Perälä, Technology Manager of SSAB Tubular products, Infra, wrote a paper and also held a presentation at the conference. Topic of the paper was RD pile wall – A retaining wall of drilled steel pipe piles. Due to drilling as an installation method, RD pile wall can be used in demanding soil conditions where installation of traditional retaining wall structures is very difficult or even impossible.

Figure 1. Antti Perälä keeping a presentation of RD pile wall

Pfahl-Symposium 2017 gathered approximately 350 professionals from Continental Europe, mainly from Germany and the Netherlands. SSAB’s piling products, especially RD pile wall and micropiles, were found interesting due to some unique features. SSAB’s micropile products have been used successfully for over 30 years in the Nordic countries. They suit very well also to the soil conditions in Central Europe.

Figure 2. Piet van Breukelen presenting SSAB’s products at the stand.

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