SSAB has finished the second phase of deliveries to Pasila Tripla, a massive billion-euro construction project near the city center of Helsinki in Finland. In the last newsletter SSAB’s extensive RD pile wall delivery of close to 4 200 tons of piles, totally 13 500 square meters, was presented. RD pile wall delivery started in May 2015 and after the installation was finished by mid November 2015 the deliveries continued with casing tubes for the anchoring until June 2016.

Figure 1. Southern part of the RD pile wall in August 2016 after excavation and anchoring.

Finished RD pile wall meets all the demands

After the installation of the RD pile wall and excavation it is now evident that it meets all the demands excellently. RD pile wall complies with tight tolerances of installation and water-proofing. Finished wall is fully waterproof. Installation deviations are minimal and within required tolerances – wall is extremely straight without any leaking.

Figure 2. Anchoring of RD pile wall. SSAB delivered most of used casings for anchors.


Second phase of the deliveries to Pasila Tripla

SSAB´s pile deliveries and close and intensive co-operation with YIT has continued after RD pile wall installation from spring 2016. Next pile deliveries included smaller RD pile wall deliveries for shaft structures and pile deliveries for building foundations.

Figure 3. During summer 2016 SSAB delivered piles for building foundations. Delivery included RD1200/12.5 and RD1200/14.2 with steel grade S440J2H. Northern part of the RD pile wall in the background.

SSAB’s tubular product deliveries during 2016:

RD piles for building foundations and Pasila station

  • RD1200/12.5 and RD1200/14.2 (S440J2H), 470 ton in total
  • RD220/12.5 (S440J2H), 35 ton in total
  • RD400/12.5 (S440J2H), 300 ton in total

RD pile walls for shaft structures

  • RF/RM interlocked drilled piles RD600/16 (S440J2H), 265 ton in total
  • RF/RM interlocked drilled piles RD700/14.2 (S440J2H), 100 ton in total

Pipes for struts to support the excavations

  • RR600 and RR700, 60 ton in total


Figure 4. Installation of RD piles for building foundations.

YIT’s massive construction project Pasila Tripla still lasts couple of years and the co-operation with SSAB continues.