Two established events for foundation construction experts take place in spring time in Sweden. SSAB was again present at the events to meet customers and other interest groups.

Grundläggningsdagen in Stockholm

The Foundation Day is an annual meeting point for people and companies in the geotechnical field in Sweden. The event took place March 16th at the Stockholm International Fairs and attracted over 700 participants.

SSAB’s solutions for foundation construction, steel pipe piles and retaining walls, were presented at our stand. “There were a lot of good encounters with customers and designers who were visiting our stand at the exhibition. RR® and RD® piles are very well known in the Swedish market and have excellent reputation as piling solutions. Market situation in Sweden is positive at the moment and the demand for our products is very good”, says Kjell Kjellberg from SSAB.

Figure 1. Kjell Kjellberg presenting SSAB’s solutions at the stand.

Påldagen in Gothenborg

The Pile day is organized by Pålkomissionen, Swedish Pile Commission. The annual event took place May 4th in Kajskjul 8 in Gothenborg. SSAB’s solutions for foundation construction, steel pipe piles and retaining walls, were presented at our stand. The event attracted more than 250 foundation construction experts.

Gothenburg region is expanding heavily and the rate of construction is now higher than ever. Over the next 20 years there will be projects worth 1,000 billion kronor initiated in the Gothenburg region. Pile day included excursion to Hisings bridge, one of ongoing construction projects in Gothenburg. The bridge is being built in downtown across the Göta River. Vertical-lift bridge of steel and concrete will be built by Skanska in a joint venture with MT Højgaard. Project is expected to be completed 2022. SSAB is delivering drilled RD400/12.5 steel piles to ongoing piling works to Skanska. The longest piles will be more than 100 meters.

“There will be a lot of opportunities for steel piling in the Gothenburg region during the coming years. For example many historical buildings need underpinning of foundations. SSAB’s mechanical splices for RR and RD piles make splicing of short pile elements fast and cost-efficient. One of our major underpinning piling deliveries to Gothenburg recently was in Kv Högvakten to four of Gothenburg’s oldest buildings”, says Mariana Bohman from SSAB. Watch video: Two different methods for underpinning historical buildings in Sweden

Figure 2. Påldagen attracted more than 250 foundation construction experts in May in Gothenburg.