New customer Friso Civiel BV in Netherlands approached SSAB with a need of foundation solution in a tight time frame. SSAB’s steel piles were used as a foundation for a concrete bridge for pedestrians over the Noordhollandsch Canal in Amsterdam. The bridge connects the surrounding residential areas with the Noorderpark. It is part of a circuit track in the new central park in North Amsterdam.

Figure 1. SSAB delivered RR800/20 piles for bridge foundation and RR900/20 for dolphins.

SSAB’s delivery consisted of foundation piles RR800/20 (Ø813 x 20.00 mm), 27.5 m in length and dolphin piles RR900/20 (Ø914 x 20.00 mm), 23.5 m in length that protect the pillars of the bridge. In total 209 tons of piles were delivered to the project. All steel piles were installed to water. Concrete piles were used on land.

Figure 2. All steel piles were installed to water.

Figure 3. Dolphin piles with black and white paint.

Project coordinator Tom van der Meulen, Friso Civiel BV, was pleased with the co-operation with SSAB: "The time between contract, procurement and construction for this project was short. It was tough to find the requested specification from the market on time and within budget. In the end we found SSAB who provided a highly customized advice for this project and suggested with the help of our engineer the right solution for this great project allowing realization within our boundaries.” He continues: “Clear communication, clear and well met agreements. In short: Finnish quality. Also the cooperation with Braspenning for the coating was super."

Figure 4. Pedestrian bridge over the Noordhollandsch Canal connects the surrounding residential areas with the Noorderpark.

Northern bridge over the Noordhollandsch Canal – part of circuit track in new central park

In 2004 the City Council chose the competition design of West 8 for the transformation of the urban landscape into a new central park. The three existing parks, Volewijkspark Oost, Volewijkspark West and Florapark, which were isolated from each other needed to be tied together thus creating one central park. These parks are positioned in between and along the road and the Noordhollandsch Canal.
West 8’s design proposed a broad circuit track that linked the existing disjointed parks, with new bridge connections which span across the canal and over the road and railway line. Part of the circuit is the northern bridge over the Noordhollandsch Canal. This bridge is the east-west link for slow traffic. It is important for the local residents of eastern part of the city district Noord and also allows good access to the new swimming pool area.

Figure 5. New pedestrian bridge is part of the circuit track that connects different parks into new central park.

The circuit track can be used for walking, cycling, skating and jogging. New central park is to be one of the key green pockets of Amsterdam that functions as a central meeting point, with spaces that can be used for large gatherings and functions.