Top six reasons for your business to switch to fossil-free steel

Why choose fossil-free steel for your business when the cost price is higher than traditional steel and the bottom line might be impacted?

Adding economic and environmental value to your business by investing in steel that has created zero carbon emissions during its production is just one factor; your business investment today is a commitment to improving tomorrow’s environment, for everyone.

Taking action and investing in innovative technologies to reduce the CO2 emissions of steel production is at the top of SSABs business agenda. Although SSAB steel is already the world’s leading high-performing steel, by 2026 fossil-free production will take our steel to the next level.

1. Reduce greenhouse gas emissions

Reducing or more importantly, eliminating CO2 gas emissions is vital if global warming is to be managed and ultimately halted. The steel industry is a major contributor of global CO2 emissions and all players, from producers to end users, have a role to play in making a difference. Choosing fossil-free steel is a critical environmental and business decision that will contribute to an industry wide transformation.


2. Suitable for all applications

The quality of fossil-free steel is unquestionable; the end product will still be the same high-quality steel as the current range of SSABs products – but without the negative environmental impact. Fossil-free steel can be used by all customers, in all industries, but with the guarantee that it has not created any CO2 emissions during the production process.


3. Environmentally attractive to customers

Green is the new black – and there is no turning back. All along the value chain, customers are demanding that businesses are investing in technologies and solutions that make products, services and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. Switching to fossil-free steel will is an action that demonstrates that your business is committed to eliminating the carbon footprint of the steel you use.


4. Get a head-start in the green race

Around the globe, legislation and regulations are increasingly forcing industries to development infrastructure and processes that meet specific environmental conditions. This trend is only just beginning, and companies will need to invest now to ensure their business is fit for the future.


5. Meet the demand of green all the way

Consumer awareness and demand for sustainable value chains defines and pushes the industry. No chain is stronger than the weakest link. Each actor needs to do their part to guarantee a fossil free value chain to the end user.It will be important that products made of steel is fossil-free, including other raw and input materials. Fossil-free steel will be a key component in helping to meet zero emissions targets across all industry applications.

Further reading on fossil-free steel

SSAB employees

SSAB aims to hit the market with the world’s first fossil-free steel in 2026

Decarbonizing the steelmaking process is non-negotiable if the industry wants to successfully transition from being one of the highest CO2 emitters to a sustainable, fossil-free actor in the global value chain. Although SSAB is already one of the world’s most CO2-efficient steel companies, their new pioneering approach to steel production is leading the way to providing quality steel with zero CO2 emissions.

steel bridge over water

Building a sustainable future with fossil-free steel

The global challenge of halting and reversing current rates of climate change is urgent. The steel industry has the potential to play a significant role in reducing carbon dioxide emissions both in the production phase and by supporting current rates of recycling.