Why use thermo-mechanically rolled weathering steel for bridges?

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Webinar: Why thermo-mechanically rolled weathering steel for bridge construction?

It is a proven fact that weathering steel reduces the life cycle costs of bridges and increases their sustainability by eliminating painting. At SSAB, we take the benefits of weathering steel to next level with our high strength thermomechanical rolled weathering steel.

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With this webinar you will gain insights into:

  1. The benefits of using thermomechanical rolled steel over normalized steel.
  2. The benefits of using high strength weathering steel.
  3. Learn from a designer and Norwegian public roads administration about the benefits and experience of using thermo-mechanical rolled weathering steel for a recent bridge project.



Madhu Sayeenathan

Segments & Applications Manager, SSAB

Madhu Sayeenathan is a techno-commercial steel industry professional with 18 years of international experience in technical sales & development, segments & application strategy, and business development for steel products ranging from pig iron to high-strength steel. He is a metallurgist and a management graduate.


Cato Dørum

Senior Principal Engineer, NPRA (Norwegian Public Roads Administration)

Cato has a doctoral degree in structural engineering, and has since 2016 been working with technology development for the Norwegian Public Roads Administration.