SSAB Domex® Plus is the new generation of steels

SSAB Domex® Plus is part of a new generation of high-strength – low alloy steels (HSLA). The steel adds a new level of performance for stamping, punching, slitting and complicated die forming. SSAB Domex® Plus is particularly well suited to high-volume automated production lines.

What is Domex Plus

Testing of the new Domex® Plus

Take a look how we test the material step by step, and what we evaluate.

Practically burr-free

Usually, when a high strength steel is cut mechanically or the metal has a hole punched into it, the edge of the material at the cut can become compromised. As the steel is bent or stretched, brittle edges and micro cracks can grow, resulting in an unusable component.

Thanks to the Domex® Plus steel’s fine microstructure the edges show practically no burrs or ridges in mechanical cutting and hole punching. It’s the perfect steel for punching holes.

The cut surface is very smooth and free from micro-cracks, also at very high cutting speeds.

Bend and press without cracks

Metal stamping has become one of the most versatile and popular manufacturing processes in the world today. Custom sheet metal stamping includes operations such as blanking, punching, bending, drawing and embossing.

While increasingly advanced metal stamping tools can create high-quality parts, it’s just as important to select the appropriate raw materials. SSAB Domex® Plus has superior local formability. High-stress bending and forming can be performed without cracks, improving yield and quality of the final product drastically.

The tool-friendly steel

SSAB Domex® Plus has high tolerance for worn tools. When punching tool edges start to become dull and tool clearances are growing, SSAB Domex® Plus keeps performing. Longer production runs and fewer tool changes naturally make the production more cost-effective.

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