Sustainable GreenCoat® color coated steel now in BIMobject®

Choose from our top 28 GreenCoat® colours

GreenCoat® colour coated steels are now available in BIMobject. For architects and builders, this means fast and efficient designing and specifying, with GreenCoat® product data and colours at your fingertips.
Download your GreenCoat® product data for roofs and façades/wall claddings as a Revit or Archicad file today! Our top 28 colours collected from architect and builders are displayed in BIMobject. 

GreenCoat® colour coated steels are available in more than 400 colours. For correct colour reproduction order your sample here.


The benefits of BIMobject®

BIM stands for Building Information Modeling and is the process of designing buildings using 3D computer models in a single system. It allows architects and builders to be more efficient and accurate by eliminating the need for separate drawings. BIM also includes the ability to add data about all products and objects to be used within a building. This is an important benefit when it comes to comparing and making decisions about the use of materials.
With sustainable GreenCoat® colour coated steel products now available in BIM, architects will be able to see exactly how their use will affect the design of a building as well as get accurate colour renderings.


Order your samples for correct colour reproduction!

Vibrant and made to last – GreenCoat® samples are available in a great variety of matt, gloss and metallic surfaces as well as for wide range of different building applications.