Problem-solving approaches to AHSS edge ductility

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49 Min

AHSS cut edges and formed cut edges require sufficient edge ductility, otherwise they can fail by cracking along hole edges or along flange edges. In this webinar, Vili Kesti, from SSAB's Knowledge Service Center, explores how edge cracking can originate in both the cutting and forming processes — and what cutting and tooling approaches can reduce AHSS edge failures.

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Vili will also discuss material choice — and how edge formability can differ significantly from grade to grade even when they have similar mechanical properties.

The webinar will cover:

  • What are the challenges of edge forming AHSS?
  • How to solve AHSS edge ductility problems?
    • Tooling factors
    • Material choice factors
  • How best to describe edge ductility properties? Going beyond ISO 16630

Vili Kesti

Senior Forming Specialist at SSAB Knowledge Service Center, SSAB

Vili’s career has focused on research of the forming of new high strength steel grades, as well as providing SSAB customers technical support for their specific forming processes. A SSAB employee since 2010, Vili has a MSc in mechanical engineering, majoring in physical metallurgy.