High-strength steel for low-carbon, lower life-cycle cost bridges

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45 Min

Learn about SSAB’s portfolio of weathering steels for the construction of low-maintenance bridges that deliver superior corrosion resistance and help you reduce life-cycle and environmental costs. Sami Niemelä from design firm WSP will also be showcasing his award-winning bridge in the forests of Finland.

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Wednesday, April 28, at 14:00–14:45 (2:00–2:45 p.m.) CET, followed by a brief Q&A

The webinar will help answer these questions:

  • What are the right conditions for building bridges in SSAB Weathering steel?
  • How can weathering steel help to reduce bridge maintenance and associated costs?
  • How can I lower both the economic and environmental costs of bridge construction?
  • Why should I use high-strength weathering steel?
  • What have other bridge construction companies done?
  • Which design and technical guidelines are available?


Madhu Sayeenathan

Segments & Applications Manager, SSAB

Madhu Sayeenathan is a techno-commercial steel industry professional with 18 years of international experience in technical sales & development, segments & application strategy, and business development for steel products ranging from pig iron to high-strength steel. He is a metallurgist and a management graduate.


Sami Niemelä

Business Area Director, WSP

Sami Niemelä is an award-winning bridge designer from WSP Finland with a 20-year track record of challenging bridge projects. He has brought his extensive experience in bridge analysis, design and construction of steel and composite bridges to projects in Finland and across the world, including major projects involving cable-stayed bridges and prestressed box girder bridges.


Esa Virolainen

Senior Specialist, SSAB

Esa Virolainen is SSAB’s own Swiss Army knife when it comes to corrosion and materials science. He has a background in chemistry and 25 years’ experience of a wide range of material phenomena and applications, including corrosion, surface treatments, metals, polymers and adhesives. His broad professional career spans research and development, technical support and production.