AHSS simulations for automotive design: 10 top considerations

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55 Min

Accurate simulations can shorten development time and reduce costs; this is certainly the case with advanced high-strength steels (AHSS). But establishing a valid correlation between simulations and hardware testing presents genuine challenges. To help meet those challenges, this webinar taps into the vast expertise of SSAB forming specialists who conduct AHSS simulations on a daily basis.

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Gustav Olsson

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB

Gustav has an MSc in material design and many years of experience in forming simulations of advanced high-strength steel. In his everyday work Gustav also leads seminars and project meetings for our customers world-wide.

Marcus Folmerz

Senior Forming Specialist, SSAB

Marcus has worked at SSAB for over eight years in the areas of product development technology and forming for automotive advanced high-strength steels. With a master’s degree in material science, Marcus has helped SSAB develop material data, forming simulations, and the optimization of AHSS/UHSS forming methods. Marcus also leads Docol® on-site seminars and project meetings worldwide with our OEM and Tier 1 customers.