“SSAB believes that a green transition is not only necessary, but possible,” says Martin Pei, CTO at SSAB. “A climate-friendly future is within reach, but for this to happen the ambition and speed of climate transition must increase, including the creation of enabling policy frameworks. SSAB and its partners have already proven that our fossil-free steel technology works and are now eager to scale up production.”

Furthermore, SSAB would also like to see a common methodology on how to measure, report and verify carbon emissions. This would create transparency around decarbonisation efforts for all steelmaking production processes. It would also protect and enhance the credibility of steel industry carbon reporting.

Lastly, customers and consumers need to be able to understand and compare the carbon footprint in steel products, which should be based on Environmental Product Declarations.

SSAB is leading the green transition in the steel industry and already in 2022 made 500 tonnes of fossil-free steel shipments to strategic customers. Breakthrough HYBRIT technology, developed with our partners LKAB and Vattenfall, has been proven to work at a pilot scale and SSAB is working with strategic customers to develop fossil-free value chains.

“Steel represents some 7-9 % of global CO2 emissions, but steel is needed everywhere,” Martin Pei says. “Without transitioning, the steel industry´s global climate goals will be difficult to reach.”

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