Climate is changing. An ordinary rain can result in 10 mm of rainfall in one hour. This adds up to 1 ton of water on a 100 sqm large roof, demanding a durable rainwater system that can handle the strongest storms with the least maintenance—all while still looking amazing. 


GreenCoat RWS color coated steels by SSAB provide beautiful aesthetics, superior quality and environmental benefits for any half-round and rectangular gutter system. They come in a wide range of almost 40 colors and can easily be matched with a GreenCoat® roof to ensure a consistent look across the building.

GreenCoat RWS products have a double-sided coating system that offers excellent protection against corrosion (RC5) and mechanical wear to withstand even the harshest weather. They also have high flexibility and formability, which allows them to be shaped in virtually any way.


Developed together with partners


The new GreenCoat RWS Pural BT is the result of an extensive product development collaboration involving consumer feedback, observing test results, and utilizing the expertise of our partners.

It provides excellent corrosion resistance (RC5), gloss retention and color fastness reaching the highest class (Ruv5) according to updated EN 10169.

The involved partners were: Piristeel (Finland), Galeco (Poland) and BILKA (Romania).


Sustainable building


Current building trends show that the demand for sustainable materials is on the rise. To address these growing trends globally, the new GreenCoat RWS Pural BT offers builders a level of sustainability found nowhere else on the market, featuring Swedish rapeseed oil in the coating. The result is a high performance, very formable and easy to maintain building product.


Steel is also one of the few materials that offers a 100% closed recycling loop. This means that it can be used repeatedly and efficiently, without affecting its properties or performance–and without creating hazardous waste. Steel is easy to repurpose and reuse as well, making it a perfect choice for cost-efficient and durable rainwater systems.


“Sustainability plays an important role in the building industry. With our premium GreenCoat® color coated steels, we provide the most sustainable products with superior technical properties for the building industry,” says Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President SSAB Europe at SSAB Group.


GreenCoat RWS color coated steels comply with current REACH regulations and are fully free of chromates.



Photo text:

  1. Olavi Huhtala, Executive Vice President SSAB Europe at SSAB Group
  2. GreenCoat RWS Pural BT is easy to maintain and cost effective throughout its lifecycle. It offers a beautiful matt appearance, meeting high design aesthetics for rainwater systems.


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