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Resch-Ka-Tec – Hardox® 500 Tuf wear plate extends the service life of attachments for earth-moving machines

Rugged and wear-resistant, the new excavator bucket is designed for the toughest tasks.

Hasselroth: 40 years ago, Bernd Reschke began manufacturing attachments in Frankfurt am Main. Today, Resch-Ka-Tec is based in Hasselroth. Around 85 employees produce loading buckets, backhoes and special tools. Customers include large and well-known manufacturers and dealers of earthmoving machines.

On the market with individual loading buckets and backhoes for 40 years

The company owes its continuous success to high-quality products, individual solutions and fast response times. Resch-Ka-Tec relies on premium materials and state-of-the-art production processes for its products. SSAB was there from the beginning with Hardox® as wear plate and later with Strenx® as structural steel. The company has been a partner of Hardox® In My Body for over 9 years. The Hardox® In My Body mark stands for products manufactured to the highest standards by a qualified Hardox® In My Body member.

Resch-Ka-Tec is one of the first German manufacturers of loading buckets and excavator buckets to install Hardox® 500 Tuf wear steel. The steel is currently available with sheet thicknesses of up to 25.4 mm. Trials with a material thickness of 30 mm are already underway. The material has the same toughness as Hardox® 450, but, with 500 HBW, it offers significantly greater hardness. SSAB’s measurements showed up to 30% longer equipment service life when put to comparable use. 

“We already brought the company on board ahead of time because of its wide range of designs and solutions. We provided Resch-Ka-Tec with pre-production materials for processing trials in advance,” explains Christoph Bednarz Regional Sales Manager (RSM) for South West Germany from SSAB.


“SSAB products are the main ingredient in Resch-Ka-Tec products and guarantee extremely high quality. For this reason, we welcome new or further developments. The first tests of Hardox® 500 Tuf were convincing. Great progress can be seen, especially in processing, forming and welding.”

Managing Director Bernd Reschke

“As an alternative to increasing the service life of the attachment, Hardox® 500 Tuf can be used for a targeted reduction in material thickness. The further improved mechanical material properties make it possible to construct lighter and larger excavator buckets. The reduced dead weight of the attachment increases the handling capacity per loading cycle and improves the overall service life of the construction machine,” explains Uwe Rehor, Head of Design and Development at Resch-Ka-Tec.

This strong focus on customer requirements explains the diversity of the product range and the success of Resch-Ka-Tec. “It is not uncommon for us to advise our dealers together with their end customers here in at the factory in order to find the optimum solution for the application in question,” reports Stefan Kührt Head of Sales and Consulting at Resch-Ka-Tec.

Short decision-making processes, individual technical advice and the absolute will to fulfill the customer's absolute are what makes up the company’s philosophy. Employees’ exemplary qualification is requirements guarantee of success. A large vertical range of manufacture prevents dependencies on upstream suppliers and thus ensures the shortest possible delivery deadline.
The excavator operator is fully satisfied with the new 3-tooth bucket.

SiloNet in Beckum – consultation led to a variant in the new excavator bucket

A quarry near Beckum supplies marl as a raw material for the Holcim cement plant located there. It runs 6 days a week, 16 hours a day. 7 dump trucks ensure smooth logistics for supplying the cement plant with raw materials. The 90 t excavator, a Caterpillar 390 F, plays a key role in excavating the marl. The excavator fills 8 – 9 tons of material onto the truck in one loading cycle. After having problems with the 4-tooth excavator bucket, the experts at Resch-Ka-Tec recommended switching to a bucket with only 3 teeth. This new excavator bucket that just shipped out makes these problems a thing of the past.

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