Part of SSAB’s Toolox® range of quality tool steels, Toolox round bars open new opportunities for innovation in product design. Delivery in prehardened condition, at high tensile strength levels of typically 1450 MPa, eliminates the heat treatments required for standard steel grades and shortens time to market. 

By optimizing our in-house quench and tempering process with low alloy chemistry, we have succeeded in combining superior mechanical strength with high crack resistance. This brings a unique mechanical performance while enabling a lower component weight. We perform exhaustive quality control, including ultrasonic and mechanical testing, on each heat treatment batch. These measures provide a completely different property guarantee compared with standard grades of often unknown origin.

When you buy Toolox, you can feel confident knowing it’s produced by the same market leader in quenched and tempered steel who brought you renowned brands Hardox® and Weldox®. Since 2002, Toolox has been available in heavy plate and has proved its suitability for mold and die making as well as machine components. Backed by rigorous processes and possessing potent properties, Toolox marks a step forward in steel development.


Improved machinability

Toolox has a low carbon content, resulting in excellent machinability. 

Exceptional toughness

Its low carbon content and high cooling rate make Toolox two to three times tougher than comparable steels of similar hardness. High hardness and excellent toughness ensure less wear and a longer operating life for components as compared to standard steels.

Less fatigue, longer lifetime

Due to its ultra-high cleanliness, the surface rather than the steel becomes the critical issue for fatigue properties. In applications that require increased surface hardness in order to resist wear, Toolox can be nitrided or PVD coated. Toolox can also be used in applications that work at elevated temperatures up to 590°C (1,094°F).

Easily etched and polished

Toolox possesses another distinctive feature: excellent properties for processes such as etching, polishing and coating.

Experience the many benefits and full potential of Toolox round bars

Specifications: Toolox versus 42CrMo4



Toolox 44

Ø mm
>16-40 >40-100 >100-160 21-141
Yield Strength Rp0,2 (MPa)
>750 >650
typ. 1300
Tensile Strength Rm (MPa)
1000-12000 900-1100 800-950 typ. 1450
A5(%) >11 >12 >13 typ. 13
Impact toughness Ch-C @ RT >35 >35 >35 >18
ESR Properties No No No Yes
C % typical 0.42 0.42
Mn % typical 0.75 0.75
S % Max 0.035 Max 0.035
Max 0.035
Max 0.035
Cr % typical 1.10 1.10
Mo % typical 0.22 0.22
CE II W 1.01-1.27 1.01-1.27

Product details

Diameters range between 21 and 141 mm, with lengths up to 5000 mm. Diameter ovality complies with SS-EN 10060. Bright bar half of the SS-EN 10060, and impact testing in accordance with EN 10025, EN ISO 148 with a 2 mm striker.


Toolox diameters are available from the local SSAB stock in Antwerp, Belgium. You can obtain cut pieces of Toolox through our trusted global network of Approved Toolox Distributors. Both SSAB and its distributors can provide you with expert application support and technical guidelines.

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