The fossil free steel from SSAB is made from sustainable iron.
The fossil free steel from SSAB is made from sustainable iron.

How to reduce greenhouse gas emissions – top six reasons for your business to switch to fossil-free steel

Fossil-free steel has the same characteristics as traditional steel. It has the same strength but largely no CO2 emissions. As a user of the steel, you won’t notice any difference, but the planet will. Here’s six reasons to join the journey to a fossil-free future.

1. Your business will act as a pioneer in how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions with fossil-free steel

Eliminating CO2 gas emissions is vital if global warming is to be halted. By making a product using fossil-free steel, you will contribute to an industry wide transformation as the steel industry currently stands for seven percent of total CO2 emissions globally.


2. Fossil-free steel is suitable for all your current steel applications

The performance of your future products in fossil-free steel is assured. The quality is unquestionable as it is the same high-quality steel as the current range of SSAB’s products – but without the negative environmental impact.


3. You’ll meet the increased demand for green solutions

All along the value chain, there is an increased demand to invest in technologies and solutions that make products, services, and processes as environmentally friendly as possible. Also, consumers all over the world are increasingly preferring sustainable products. By offering fossil-free products to end-customers, you can help contribute to a better future.


4. Become a forerunner in the green transition

Legislation and regulations are increasingly forcing industries to develop infrastructure and processes that meet specific environmental conditions. By choosing fossil-free steel, you and your company can stay ahead of the trend and help drive positive change.


5. A fossil-free value chain for your company

The awareness and demand for sustainable value chains defines and pushes our industry. Fossil-free steel will be a key component to meet zero emission targets both upstream and downstream for your business. SSAB has created a platform for zero emissions to support you, as our customer, to drastically reduce greenhouse gas emissions as well as support you in building an entirely fossil-free value chain, all the way to your end customer.


6. You’re in good company!

SSAB is first in the world with a fossil-free steel solution. We have already teamed up with several large companies, such as Volvo Group, Alfa-Laval, Mercedes-Benz, and Cargotec, to create joint projects using the new fossil-free steel solution. And now you can join us. We are creating a unique community with our partners to give you knowledge and support, enabling you to introduce fossil-free steel into your productions as early as possible.

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volvo vehicle

The future is here – the world’s first vehicle made with fossil-free steel

In a world-first, Volvo Group has unveiled the first vehicle made of SSAB’s fossil-free steel. A load carrier for use in mining and quarrying represents the first leg of the journey towards a decarbonized future.

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