Toolox® prehardened steel stands up to wear and tear

Making a hard steel is easy, if you’re only looking for hardness. The tricky part is to make a steel that is both hard and tough. A steel such as Toolox®. With hardness that gives a long lifetime even with highly abrasive applications, and toughness that enables it to withstand cracks and fatigue.

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Hardness and toughness


Toolox® steel is hard to the core

All Toolox® steel grades have the same hardness all the way through. You can machine Toolox® plates and round bars to any complex shape, knowing that all surfaces are equally hard.

Toolox® steel has a fine grained tempered martensitic crystalline structure, a result of quenching at a high cooling rate. The fine grain size gives high toughness.

Impact toughness, Charpy-V (J) at 20°C

Toolox 44 impact toughness graph

The table shows the toughness of Toolox® 44 compared to some standard steels that are heat treated to 45-55 HRC. Toughness values for Toolox® at -20°C are stated in the productcertificates.

Yield strength
Tensile strength
A5 (%)
Toughness at
+20°C (J)
Toolox® 33 275-325 850 980 14 100
Toolox® 44 410-475 1300 1450 13 30


Toolox® 33 has a nominal hardness of 300 HBW. Toolox® 44 has a nominal hardness of 45 HRC, making it the world’s hardest fully prehardened tool steel. Datasheets for all Toolox® grades are available here.

"We switched from 1.2379 steel with 56 HRC to Toolox® 44. Instead of cracking after 5,000 pieces the work piece in Toolox® 44 shows no wear after more than 40,000 pieces."



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