Weldox has been upgraded to Strenx® performance steel

In 2015, SSAB’s high-strength structural steel brands Weldox and Optim, together with the best products from the Domex® and Docol® brands were combined into one. Their legacy lives on in Strenx® performance steel.

Strenx® product offer and data sheets

The power of Weldox, Optim, Domex and Docol. In one brand.

Strenx® offers the world’s largest selection of high-strength structural steels, in terms of both strength and dimensions. Yield strengths range from 600 MPa to 1,300 MPa – the strongest steel available on the market. Strenx® is available as sheet, strip and tubular products in thicknesses from 0.7 mm to 160 mm.

What are the new names of the old Weldox steels?

 Old product  Now
 Weldox 130  Strenx® 900 E/F
 Weldox 690, 700, 700e  Strenx® 700 E/F
 Weldox 900  Strenx® 900 E/F
 Weldox 960  Strenx® 960 E/F
 Weldox 1100  Strenx® 1100 E/F
 Weldox 1300  Strenx® 1300 E/F