Welding and cutting of Toolox® steel

Toolox® engineering and tool steel is designed for easy welding and cutting. As for all types of engineering and tool steels the level of requirements increases with increased hardness of the steel. Toolox® steel is fully weldable in all grades and dimensions.

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Welding and cutting


Hot and cold cutting of Toolox® steel

Any conventional welding and cutting method can be used for these steels and they can be welded to other kinds of weldable steels. Joint preparations can be made with all conventional methods such as thermal cutting, machining and grinding. Shearing and punching is suitable for plate thicknesses up to about 10 mm.

Easy welding and cutting thanks to low level of alloys
The low level of alloys in the Toolox® grades makes both welding and thermal cutting easy and reliable. The favorable carbon equivalent values lead to high resistance to hydrogen cracks.

Welding and cutting recommendations for Toolox®

The full documentation gives recommendations for welding and cutting best practices. Welding recommendations include joint preparation, suitable welding consumables, preheating and welding sequences.

Thermal cutting recommendations for gas and plasma cutting are also covered, including preheating and post heating recommendations to control hydrogen levels in the cut edge.

Abrasive water jet cutting is an alternative method to thermal cutting. Since this method does not apply heat the risk of hydrogen cracks is very low. Water jet cutting can be done with the same parameters as for cutting of mild steels.


“When making curved brackets we used to saw square pieces of 2738 steel, which required a lot of machining to reach the final shape. By changing to oxycutting of Toolox® 33 we saved machining time and could provide our customer with a better product.”



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