High-strength steel for lifting equipment

Put higher productivity within your reach with Strenx® structural steel in lifting equipment. It has proved its strength around the world, from smaller aerial work platforms to large mobile cranes, delivering maximum durability, safety and uptime, all at less weight.

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Reach further

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aerial work platform

Aerial work platforms (AWPs and MEWPs)

Boom lift and scissor lift design greatly benefit from Strenx®, with its high yield strengths of 700–1300 MPa. Get ultra-strong yet lighter booms and platforms that reach up, out and over to meet any job site challenge.

loader crane

Loader cranes

Get the power without the excess weight, while increasing the productivity of tons loaded per time unit, for increasingly complex and specialized operations that require more precision and flexibility from loader cranes.

mobile crane

Mobile cranes

Reducing dead weight in combination with high-strength makes high strength steel perfect for both lattice and hydraulic booms across a wide range of mobile cranes. You’ll find Strenx® steels in yield strengths up to 1300 MPa helping cranes to lift higher and farther.

forestry crane

Forestry cranes

Combine efficiency and durability with Strenx® high-strength steel. Upgrade your design to move more timber and maximize timber transport profitability, with resilient yet lightweight booms, bunks and stakes.

concrete pump

Concrete pumps

Combine the lowest possible weight and highest possible safety with Strenx® high-strength steels in concrete pump booms. Design every boom to maintain structural integrity in critical areas without using excess steel.

lattice boom crane

Lattice-boom cranes

Need to build a lattice-boom crane that has to lift higher and heavier? Leverage our range of high-strength plate, tubes and hollow sections for better strength to weight performance in lattice booms, jibs and frames.

tower crane

Tower cranes

Lattice structures combined with Strenx® high-strength steel in tower cranes offer a low service weight with high-strength, whether in hammerhead cranes, luffing tower cranes or self-erecting tower cranes.



Telehandlers combine the load lifting capabilities of a forklift with a crane’s lifting range. A strong yet light telescopic boom is the key to its versatility, bringing more power, reach and flexibility to the work site.

My Inner Strenx®

My Inner Strenx® is a program for manufacturers who possess the drive to make the best possible products using Strenx® performance steel. It’s also a way for operators and end users to identify producers and products made with superior steel and quality-controlled production techniques for their demanding applications.

How Strenx® steel helps take your design to new heights

Strenx® performance steel is a high-strength steel that can liberate design engineers from conventional thinking in steel design. Strenx® has extremely consistent properties, making it perfect for the design of strong, light and safe mobile cranes, work platforms, loader cranes and other lifting equipment. That’s why we call it performance steel.

Strenx® Tube 700QLH benefits for lattice cranes

For many years, Strenx® Tube 700QLH hot-finished hollow sections have been successfully used in lattice boom sections in state-of-the-art cranes. Their high strength, good weldability, dimensional accuracy and surface quality have benefitted customers around the world – not only for their ability to improve the design of crane booms, delivering end user benefits, but also increased boom manufacturing efficiencies.

tubes in strenx 700QLH

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