SSAB Laser® Plus – Improved bending and impact resistance

For improved bendability and impact toughness at very low temperatures, SSAB Laser® Plus steels deliver even higher performance — minimizing the risk for cracks during production and in your final product.

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Bending to 0 x thickness radii

SSAB Laser® Plus steel has a guaranteed bending radius of 0.0-1.0 times its thickness, depending on the grade and product form. (For 0.0 x bending radius, see our MC Plus grades.) The guaranteed minimum bending radius for each grade is the same for all directions, allowing more flexible nesting.

Make demanding designs without welding

Being virtually flat, SSAB Laser® Plus steel enables shared cutting paths and the cutting of highly accurate, small-diameter holes as well as narrow slots. So you can realize direct cost savings by achieving up to 30% higher yields from your laser-cutting operations. And its tight-bending radius in both directions means you can form structural steel profiles that previously required welding — reducing your lead times and cutting production costs.