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Steel mill

Overlay solutions for steel mills

Steel on steel wear can have devastating effects on productivity and maintenance costs. Duroxite® overlay plates, pipes and pins are hardfaced with state-of-the-art carbide materials for outstanding performance when exposed to abrasive and hot materials.

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Why Duroxite® will keep steel production running

• Delivers improved wear life
• Optimized to fight sliding wear
• Guaranteed hardfacing layer properties

Duroxite® products give proof of their performance in steel production. Duroxite® comes in many grades that are suitable for sliding wear and elevated temperatures. Examples of applications are transition, discharge and diverter chutes, housings for fans and cyclones, guide plates, dampers, pipes and more.

Equipment made of Duroxite
Hardox® wear plate as a baseplate is available in Duroxite® 101 and Duroxite® 201.

Hardox® wear plate as a baseplate

The hardfacing layer of overlay products is always welded on other steel –the baseplate. Using Hardox® wear steel as baseplate in Duroxite® 101 and Duroxite® 201 makes for an outstanding composite material.

Hardox® wear plate has a unique combination of hardness, strength and toughness. The hardness gives a greater wear safety margin compared to using a mild steel baseplate if the hardfacing layer is worn down. The strength and toughness of Hardox® wear plate increase the overlay product’s resistance to impact forces.


8 times longer service life in steel mill

Application: Conveyor at foundry

Wear part: Conveyor liner plate

Benefit: Changing from cast Mn liner with tungsten carbide to Duroxite® 300 welded on Hardox® 600 increased service life from 3 months to 2 years

Conveyor liner plate

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