Highly durable steel rainwater systems from GreenCoat®

When it rains, it pours. That’s why you need a rainwater system that can handle the strongest storms with the least maintenance and still look amazing. GreenCoat RWS products come in a wide selection of colors and appearances, and can be easily matched with your GreenCoat® roof.

GreenCoat RWS color coated steels from SSAB provide beautiful aesthetics, superior quality and environmental benefits. They have a double-sided coating system that provides excellent protections against corrosion (RC5) and mechanical wear on both sides of the product.GreenCoat RWS products also have high flexibility and formability, which allows them to be shaped in virtually any way.

GreenCoat RWS products are available in different steel grades for various rainwater system applications – from deepest to normal drawing for gutters and classical high strength steels for hooks and accessories.

GreenCoat RWS Pro BT and GreenCoat RWS Pural BT offer excellent formability combined with sustainability. They feature a Bio-Based Technology (BT) coating made with Swedish rapeseed oil and both offer a beautiful matt appearance.

Selection of GreenCoat® color coated steel rainwater systems

Half-round gutter

Half-round gutter

Rectangular gutter

Rectangular gutter

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Why steel rainwater systems?

Steel is the best choice for durable, long-lasting rainwater systems that can withstand the strongest storms with the least maintenance and will still look amazing after decades.

Steel is one of the few materials that offer a 100 % closed recycling loop. This means that it can be used repeatedly and efficiently, without affecting its properties or performance – and without creating hazardous waste.

Steel is also easy to repurpose and reuse. It is easy to form, bend and cut in various ways. It offers the lowest thermal expansion of all metals, making it less susceptible to buckling, cracking and overall weakening. Plus, steel can bond with various other metals, allowing for a wide range of creativity and innovative designs. For cost-effective manufacturing solutions and creative designs, steel rainwater systems are the best choice.

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Offers ready-made to custom-made steel rainwater system solutions.

GreenCoat® – Nordic quality steel and bio-based coatings

GreenCoat RWS Pro BT and GreenCoat RWS Pural BT rainwater systems are made with premium Nordic quality steel from SSAB in the substrate and feature a patented bio-based coating using a substantial portion of Swedish rapeseed oil instead of traditional fossil oil.

This unique, patented solution from SSAB reduces the environmental footprint significantly – and makes the GreenCoat® product portfolio the market’s greenest offer for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

GreenCoat® products comply with current REACH regulations, are completely free of chromates and are all manufactured according to EN 10169 +A1.

Biobased coatings

A wide range of colors

GreenCoat RWS products for rainwater systems are available in a wide range of colors. Please find below your favorite one.


GreenCoat RWS Pro BT: 
Currently available in 3 colors made from bio-based coatings. It offers a beautiful matt appearance.


GreenCoat RWS Pural BT: 
Currently available in 5 colors made from bio-based coatings. It offers a beautiful matt appearance. 

GreenCoat RWS Pural BT color chart


GreenCoat RWS Pro:  
Available in 18 colors. It offers a regular gloss appearance.


GreenCoat RWS Pural: 
Available in 9 colors. It offers a regular gloss appearance. 

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