reduced weight

Reduce weight

increased payload

Increase payload

use less fuel

Use less fuel

improve sustainability

Improve sustainability

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Lowbed trailer

Lowbed Trailers

A platform trailer with a lower deck height, allowing the trailer to carry bigger loads and heavy equipment such as tractors, bulldozers and excavators.
Flatbed trailer

Flatbed Trailers

A trailer with a flatbed without sides or roof, often equipped with a crane. Used for bulky loads, easily accessed from the sides.
Tipper trailer

Tipper Trailers

Trailers for hauling bulk solids or loose materials such as sand and gravel. The deck can be raised from one end to tip the material.
Curtain sider trailer

Curtain Sider Trailers

A flexible flat-deck trailer with a curtain side, used for transporting packed non temperature-sensitive cargo.
Van trailer

Van Trailers

The most commonly used trailer. Fully enclosed, versatile and cost efficient.
Timber trailer

Timber Trailers

Trailers for carrying timber, both in difficult terrain and on paved roads.
Cement bulk trailer

Cement Bulk Trailers

A trailer used to transport powder cargo such as cement, flour and chemical powders.
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Learn how to keep your trailer – and business – on the road longer with the My Inner Strenx® member program. Certify your trailer to show your customers what you’re made of. Get priority support and services from SSAB, build a better brand and enter new markets faster.

Making rear impact guards and RUPDs stronger and safer

When safety matters, truck and trailer bodybuilders should carefully consider their choice of material to build rear impact guards for underride protection. The right type of steel in rear impact guards can help to lower the risk of fatal injuries in rear-end collisions involving heavy-duty vehicles and passenger cars, two-wheeled vehicles or lighter-duty vehicles.


Game changing trailer

The Stratosphere 3.0 rear tipping semi-trailer from Italian company Mantella is a next generation truck trailer chassis, which won the prestigious Swedish Steel Prize in 2018. The chassis has the same weight as an aluminum frame, but with superior mechanical properties and improved road handling.

Strong, light, efficient and beautiful.


High-strength structural steel helps trailers reduce weight

Librelato, produces grain trailers that weigh less, carry more, and meet tough demands thanks to Strenx® performance steel. It is Brazil’s third largest trailer manufacturer.


Clean, lighter and better chassis

Dionbilt Trailers, a My Inner Strenx® member located in Grandview, Washington, U.S., produces custom trailers for clients throughout the United States and Canada. Among its product offerings are featherweight chassis used on trailers that handle ocean containers.

Lighter and more energy-efficient trailers

German company Fahrzeugbau KEMPF offers tailored solutions for various transport needs including dump trucks and trailers, tipping semi-trailers, beverage semi-trailers, sliding floor systems as well as for a great number of special vehicles.

How to haul a load of savings with steel in light trailers

Trucking is the most common form of inland freight transportation and seems to be gearing up for continued expansion globally. At the same time, truck and trailer OEMs, logistics providers and other market players are facing a heavy load of challenges and uncertainties such as stricter emission standards, driver shortages, digitalization, inefficient processes and high fleet operations costs.

One thing is certain: companies must take action soon, or risk being driven from the market.

How to haul a load of savings with steel in light trailers

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If you’re looking for steel for trailer frames, look no further than Strenx® performance steel. This high-strength steel makes the ideal choice for metal trailer flooring and metal siding. SSAB customers also use it successfully in components like rear underrun protection devices (RUPD), kingpin assemblies, drawbar couplings, and timber trailer stakes and bunks.

When you use strong yet light Strenx® performance steel for trailer frames, you not only get clean steel with consistent, guaranteed properties. You can also significantly reduce the weight of the trailer – and increase payload, save on fuel costs, lower your carbon footprint, and improve your bottom line.

So why not get a quicker return on investment with Strenx® performance steel for trailer frames and components instead of using stainless or conventional trailer sheet metal? Contact us today to find the perfect steel grade for each trailer component.