SSAB have created partnership with many key industries, from construction to automotive and heavy transport
SSAB have created partnership with many key industries, from construction to automotive and heavy transport

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SSAB is on track to make sustainable steel production a reality in 2026. Our partners can drastically cut their CO2 emissions – and help lead the way to a more sustainable future.

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Fossil-free steel has the potential to be a game-changer for many of the most crucial industries in modern society, from automotive, to heavy transport, construction, and more. Only the imagination sets the limit.

SSAB is now creating an opportunity for its customers to contribute to an industry-wide transformation. By switching to fossil-free steel you can demonstrate that your business is fit for the future!

First mover initiatives

Many key industries, from construction to automotive and heavy transport, have already committed to move into a fossil-free value chain. Here’s some of our partners.

Volvo cars

Powering a cleaner generation of automotive vehicles 

Volvo and SSAB team up to drastically reduce global carbon emissions in the automotive value chain.

first fossil-free steel

SSAB to deliver fossil-free steel to Mercedes-Benz

SSAB is to deliver fossil-free steel to Mercedes-Benz AG, which is planning to use it for prototype parts for its vehicles.

Polestar 0 project

The car of the future is climate-neutral 

SSAB and Swedish electric car company Polestar collaboration to produce a climate-neutral car is pointing the way towards automotive sustainability.  

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The world’s first underground mining truck with a dump box made from fossil-free steel.

Breaking new ground in sustainable mining

Epiroc has developed the world’s first underground mining truck with a dump box made from fossil-free steel.


volvo group

SSAB’s fossil-free steel featured in Volvo Group’s vehicle

In a world-first, Volvo Group reveals the first vehicle made of fossil-free steel produced by SSAB. The machine, a load carrier for use in mining and quarrying, is being unveiled at a Volvo collaboration event today in Gothenburg.

Autoliv and SSAB

SSAB and Autoliv to collaborate on fossil-free steel in automotive safety products

Steel company SSAB and automotive safety supplier Autoliv have initiated a collaboration to research and develop fossil-free steel components for automotive safety products, such as airbags and seatbelts.


Collaboration the key to the world’s first building with fossil-free steel 

Groundbreaking collaboration between SSAB and Peab can revolutionize the construction industry’s climate footprint. The world’s first building with SSAB’s fossil-free steel is proof of this.

The world's first Multilift hooklift made with fossil-free steel by Cargotec Hiab.

Raising the bar of sustainability in lifting 

An ambitious partnership between Cargotec, a leading provider of cargo and load handling solutions, and SSAB, is providing an important signpost in the path towards increased sustainability. 


SSAB partners with Lindab on fossil-free steel

SSAB and Lindab take another step in their partnership by collaborating on fossil-free steel. Starting 2026, SSAB will deliver fossil-free steel to Lindab, for use in ventilation and building systems.

Oshkosh corporation

SSAB and Oshkosh Corporation partner to use fossil-free steel in commercial vehicles

SSAB starts a partnership in fossil-free steel applications with Oshkosh Corporation, a leading innovator of mission-critical vehicles and essential equipment, including heavy duty truck bodies, fire apparatus, access equipment and other specialty trucks.


Delivering world-firsts towards carbon neutrality

In a unique joint-strategy, SSAB and Alfa-Laval are joining forces to produce the first heat exchanger made using fossil-free steel.  

Shape corp.

Accelerating the next generation of vehicles

The road towards lighter, more carbon friendly next generation vehicles has now been mapped out through a partnership agreement between SSAB and tier-one automotive supplier Shape Corp.


SSAB and Forvia to collaborate on fossil-free steel for automotive seat structures

SSAB is teaming up with Forvia to jointly explore the development of fossil-free advanced high-strength steel for use in the automotive seating business.

Woman on bicycle

Ruukki Construction to be the first to supply fossil-free steel building products

Ruukki Construction, a subsidiary of SSAB Group, is committed to being the first company to offer its customers fossil-free steel building products. The building products will be made from fossil-free steel based on SSAB’s HYBRIT® technology and the plan is to launch them at a commercial scale on the market in 2026. Already before then, Ruukki aims to pilot the use of fossil-free steel together with selected customers.

watches from triwa

TRIWA sustainable watch – first consumer product to benefit from SSAB's fossil-free steel powder

Swedish watchmaker TRIWA believes it’s time for a change. That’s why it has launched the first-ever consumer product made from SSAB’s fossil-free steel powder.

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