A modern tool steel with guaranteed properties

The last few decades have seen extensive developments in production efficiency, service life analysis, and machining technology. More powerful CNC machines have the capacity to process steel at great speed and accuracy. This puts great pressure on the steel to live up to the machines’ capacity.

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Toolox® engineering and tool steel keeps its promises

Toolox® is produced by SSAB at the same mill under strict quality control. The steel is cast, rolled, quenched and tempered to meet SSAB’s very strict specifications. Every plate and round bar of Toolox® is tested to ensure the properties are consistent. You can use the same machine settings every time, knowing that the steel will behave in the same way. Toolox® keeps its promises, so you can keep yours.


Toolox® has guaranteed and measured properties

- Impact toughness
- Hardness
- Machinability
- Thickness
- Flatness
- Surface condition


Trust Toolox® every time

Most steels used in the market are made according to decades-old standards. The standards are not very strict and can’t really keep up with the realities and requirements of today’s workshops and end customers.

Even if these steels are within the standard window, every batch delivered can be different. This can give unexpected performance deviations due to different chemical and mechanical properties that are not always covered by the standards.

Toolox® properties are within a much tighter window, ensuring a highly predictable behavior.

Good for the workshop, good for the user

Guaranteed properties are key to reliable production. Not only that, you can be certain that the parts you deliver always meet the end users’ expectations. Mechanical strength, alloy content, hardness, toughness, stable dimensions – whatever properties that are most important for the end user, Toolox® steel grades meet them every time.

Save on steel

With guaranteed thickness and flatness, you don’t have to allow for extra margins when ordering a particular dimension. The dimension you want is the dimension you get. This can save steel, as well as reduce the time for machining since less material has to be removed to reach the final shape of the component.


Modified carbide morphology



The high cooling rate during quenching and a low carbide concept has allowed us to modify the carbide morphology. This is the basis for the high toughness, machinability, and weldability.


W.NR.1.2311 /P20 – AREA OF CARBIDES 10.0%.

Toolox® products are subjected to ultrasonic tests according to SSAB’s internal demands that are more strict than international standards. Each product has a unique certificate with the testing values.



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