People in front of many screens in the control room of an SSAB steel mill.
People in front of many screens in the control room of an SSAB steel mill.

Delivering above your expectations

Premium steels make cutting-edge equipment possible. They will enable innovation and exceed your expectations when you are striving for stronger, lighter and more sustainable steel solutions.


Premium products that elevate your business

SSAB has been making quality steel products for well over a century. Our steels meet the highest demands for cleanliness and consistent properties. They are used all over the world by customers that recognize the business value of working with premium steels.

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Learning by doing. We have gained a wealth of experience working with a wide variety of industries and applications. Whether it is developing specialized steel grades, such as our most advanced wear steel Hardox® 500 Tuf, or services adapted to your specific challenges.

When the choice of steel is essential to the performance of your equipment, you can rely on our experience as a development partner for state-of-the-art steel solutions. Our material specialists and support engineers are integrated parts of our offering.

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Innovations to improve the society we live in. SSAB is focused on constantly developing and refining our steel products to meet customers’ ever-increasing expectations. Our research and development efforts have resulted in us being the first to deliver fossil-free steel to the market.

Steel products meeting your challenges

Explore the selection of SSAB steels for all kinds of industries and applications. If you’re looking for advice on which steel suits you the best, get in touch with one of our steel specialists or use our steel selector.

  • Strenx logo

    Strenx® is a high-strength structural steel allowing for innovative design of advanced load-bearing structures that are strong and light.

  • Hardox logo

    Hardox® is the leading wear-resistant steel with outstanding hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance in the most challenging environments.

  • Docol logo

    Docol® is the ultimate automotive steel with a tensile strength span that includes advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) and ultra high-strength steel (UHSS).

  • GreenCoat logo

    GreenCoat® is a wide range of innovative, sustainable color coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

  • Toolox logo

    Toolox® is designed to be the market’s most versatile steel for high-speed manufacturing of machine parts, molds and dies.

  • Armox logo

    Armox® is an armor steel for the protection of people and property in hazardous environments.

  • Duroxite® overlay solutions are wear-resistant hard-faced plates, pipes and pins as well as wire and electrodes for producing overlay parts with exceptional service life.

  • SSAB Laser® is a high-strength cold-forming steel with guaranteed flatness, both before and after laser cutting.

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When you’re looking for the right steel, the SSAB Steel Selector is a good place to start. Here you find SSAB steels sorted according to a variety of parameters.

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Dive deeper into steel

Get an exposé of different types of steel, how they are used and what makes them suitable for a variety of applications and industries.

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Explore our services

Combine SSAB steels with our wide range of services and you will unlock the full potential of your equipment.