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We process SSAB wear plates and high-strength steels into new and retrofit solutions for businesses throughout eastern Canada and the US, including the mining, quarry, material handling, agriculture, forestry, lifting, recycling, earthmoving, trailer/body builders, cement, and concrete industries. Our specialties include increasing equipment service life using abrasive- and impact-resistant Hardox® wear plates and Duroxite® overlays, as well as increasing structural capabilities with Strenx® performance steel.

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Steel Processing

Our skilled in-house operators have extensive experience with SSAB’s Hardox® wear plate, Strenx® structural steel, and Duroxite® overlay. Bring us your challenging custom designs or retrofits, knowing that we’ll deliver precision cut, machined, and joined components that provide superior performance and longevity.

Industries & Solutions

We add unique, long-lasting, wear-resistant value to existing and new equipment designs. We work with industries to provide processed steel for their highly specialized pieces of equipment, such as:

  • Mining and quarry machinery
  • Material handling equipment
  • Agricultural equipment
  • Forestry machinery
  • Lifts and cranes
  • Recycling plant equipment
  • Earthmovers and construction machinery
  • Trailers and body builders
  • Cement and Concrete plants
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The world’s leading network for wear parts and services

Providing high productivity and low maintenance costs is the core business for every Hardox® Wearparts center. We support you with the right choice of wear parts and services, and we are determined to do it better than anybody else.

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SSAB Steel Service Center in Montreal

About us

Bring us your challenges, new ideas, and opportunities so we can work together to create the highest-performing OEM and retrofit solutions – built with SSAB’s high-strength, wear-resistant steels. Our shared SSAB vision is “A stronger, lighter, more sustainable world.”

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We guarantee quality in every step of our production, from our steel products and processing of parts to logistics and deliverance. Living up to high quality expectations is the foundation we base our business on.

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Our target is zero accidents, work-related injuries or illnesses. Everyone has the right to a sound working environment. A safer environment also makes us a more reliable partner to you. No accidents mean less risk of interruption in the production as well in distribution. Zero accidents is beneficial for everyone. SSAB wants to be the world’s safest steel company.

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Since August 2021 SSAB delivers the world´s first fossil-free steel. The goal is to become the first fossil-free steel company in the world by 2045. Already today the environment benefits from SSAB’s steel products. The manufacturing fulfills high environmental demands. SSAB’s advanced high strength steel’s are for example used to make lighter vehicles, stronger tippers, containers and railroad wagons, for higher payload and a longer life span. Our steel creates a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world.

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In addition to premium products, we also offers a number of services to facilitate your product development. Contact us to see what we can do for you.


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Prefabricated top rail for tippers and containers
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SSAB Shape Components for Tipper Bodies
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