A screen for screening abrasive materials, made in Hardox® Extreme steel
A screen for screening abrasive materials, made in Hardox® Extreme steel

Hardox® Extreme

If you want extreme equipment performance, increased uptime and lower maintenance costs, Hardox® Extreme delivers. The world’s hardest wear plate, Hardox® Extreme is an abrasion-resistant steel with a Rockwell nominal hardness of 60 HRC or typical hardness of 650-700 HBW.

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Hard-wearing steel for hard-working equipment

Make Hardox® Extreme your choice of steel for industrial knives and shear blades, shredders, crusher and mill hammers, liner plates and other hard-working parts. The type of steel and steel grade you use in extremely high wear conditions will determine the characteristics and performance of the wear part, including its cutting quality, strength and durability. For your equipment to work longer without breaking down, these parts need high strength plus wear and shock resistance.

Rotor in a sugarcane shredding machine, with shredder knives made in Hardox® Extreme steel for extreme applications.
A screen used for recycling, made in Hardox® Extreme steel and with the Hardox® Extreme brand logo and color.

Why Hardox® Extreme?

  • Comes already through-hardened
  • Machineable and weldable
  • Exceptionally clean
  • Guaranteed properties
  • Use as an alternative to overlay and hard facing
  • When you are looking for a more competitive solution offering longer service life and lower maintenance costs in shredding or crushing applications
  • Shorter delivery time compared to high-chromium white iron castings
  • Increase productivity by laser-cutting only, instead of cutting and hardfacing
  • Opens up new design potential for stronger, lighter equipment

Typical applications for Hardox® Extreme

In the waste and recycling industry, as

  • Shredder knives in plastics recycling
  • Shredder knives for electric waste, e.g. for milling electric waste such as cables and synthetic materials
  • In glass recycling equipment
  • Crusher hammers for dry wall or plasterboard

In the cement industry, as cavity walls of cement brick molds, offering a good service life and low maintenance of the molds.

In wood processing and forestry, as harvester head knives and knives for debarkers and wood chippers.

In mineral processing, Hardox® Extreme can be used as liner plates in crushers, feeder breakers and transfer chutes.

Steel liner plate made in Hardox® Extreme steel, in a transfer chute with highly abrasive flowing rock sludge.

A cut above the rest for cutting waste in glass recycling

Recycling creates some of the toughest operating environments for equipment and machinery components. Glass recycling in particular comes with many challenges. Hardox® Extreme in glass recycling equipment delivers extreme performance so you can keep your valuable recycling equipment up and running longer.

Choosing the right grade & welding recommendations

You can get quick access to hands-on support and recommendations from local engineers in your own language or in English. Our technical support team is backed up by SSAB’s worldwide network of sales offices and representatives. Whatever you build or process, we’ll help make sure your equipment delivers maximum productivity, service life and performance.

Close-up of a welder welding the steel Hardox Extreme.
Close-up of a sugarcane machine’s rotor, with its shredder knives made in Hardox® Extreme steel.

Your specialists in wear parts made of Hardox® Extreme steel

Our worldwide network of Hardox Wearparts Centers can produce the parts you need in a wide range of thicknesses to give your equipment the extra edge. Whether you need to fragment minerals, abrasive materials, electronic scrap or unsorted waste, or if you need the right liner wear plate in chutes, feeders, crushers, bins or buckets, a local Wearparts Center can give you advice.

Calculate wear life with WearCalc

The WearCalc app – free for Hardox® customers – makes tough decisions about choosing the right wear plate easy. It helps you determine the increase in service life of equipment for different Hardox® grades compared to mild steel. Calculations consider a range of abrasive materials, such as granite, clinker, coal, iron ore, limestone, sand, glass and household waste containing metal.

The Hardox WearCalc mobile app for calculating service life, wear and other factors based on steel grade.

Dimension Range

Hardox® Extreme is supplied in plate thickness of 8.0 – 19.0 mm, up to 2000 mm in width and up to 14630 mm in length, preferred widths are 2000 x 4000 mm, other width on request. More detailed information on dimensions is provided in the dimension program.

A chart showing different steel dimensions for high-strength steel.

Mechanical Properties

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    Product Thickness
    Typical Hardness
    (HRC), not guaranteed
    Hardox® Extreme 8.0 - 19.00.315 - 0.748 57 - 63
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      Chemical Composition (heat analysis)

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        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        (max %)
        0.47 0.50 1.40 0.015 0.010 1.20 2.50 0.80 0.005
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          The steel is grain refined.

          Carbon Equivalent CET(CEV)

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            Thickness (mmin) 8.0 - 19.00.315 - 0.748
            Max CET(CEV) 0.57 (0.69)
            Typ CET(CEV) 0.55 (0.66)
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              Thickness (mmin)
              Max CET(CEV)
              8.0 - 19.00.315 - 0.748
              0.57 (0.69)
              Thickness (mmin)
              Typ CET(CEV)
              8.0 - 19.00.315 - 0.748
              0.55 (0.66)


              More details are given in SSAB’s brochure Hardox® Guarantees.


              Tolerances according to Hardox® Thickness Guarantees.

              Hardox® Guarantees meet the requirements of EN 10029 Class A, but offer more narrow tolerances.

              Length and Width

              According to SSAB’s dimensions program. Tolerances conforms to EN 10029 or to SSAB’s standard after agreement.


              Tolerances according to EN 10029.


              Tolerances according to Hardox® Flatness Guarantee class E, which are more restrictive than EN 10029.

              Surface Properties

              According to EN 10163-2 Class A, Subclass 1.

              Delivery Conditions

              The delivery condition is Quenched. The plates are delivered with sheared or thermally cut edges. Untrimmed edges after agreement.

              Delivery requirements can be found in SSAB’s brochure Hardox® Guarantees or www.ssab.com.

              Fabrication and Other Recommendations

              Welding, bending and machining

              Recommendations can be found in SSABs brochures at www.hardox.com or consult Tech Support.

              Hardox® Extreme is not intended for further heat treatment. It has obtained its mechanical properties by quenching and when necessary by means of subsequent tempering. The properties of the delivery condition cannot be retained after exposure to temperatures in excess of 150ºC.

              Appropriate health and safety precautions must be taken when welding, cutting, grinding or otherwise working on this product. Grinding, especially of primer coated plates, may produce dust with a high particle concentration.

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