Reinventing the future of steel

Our upcoming breakthrough fossil-free technology is the first true steelmaking transformation for centuries. SSAB customers around the world will still get premium high-strength steel, just adapted to the future.

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Bay-Lynx solidifies cutting-edge design for lighter, smarter volumetric mixer

Why tinker with what works? Continuous improvement delivers to mixer operators all the benefits of a more efficient, safer and longer lasting vehicle.

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Jun 29 2022

Gestamp and SSAB collaboration leads to new Docol 1000CP steel

Gestamp’s innovative, lighter design for front lower control arm lead to 7-year collaborative effort with SSAB, resulting in new 1000 MPa complex phase steel. This effort demonstrates the power of early design-stage — and on-going — collaboration, combined with SSAB’s capacity to deliver multiple steel grade iterations to solve challenging lightweighting requirements.

Jun 22 2022

Ruukki inaugurates new mineral wool sandwich panel line in Oborniki, Poland

Ruukki Construction today celebrates the inauguration of a new sandwich panel production line in Oborniki, Poland. The investment of approximately EUR 5 million supports Ruukki’s growth strategy by further improving plant safety and productivity as well as enhancing the technical properties of the manufactured products. Customer deliveries from the new production line will begin in the third quarter of 2022.

Steel for every need

SSAB is a specialized steel manufacturer. We only make steel grades with qualities that are fine-tuned to make applications stronger, lighter, safer, easier to produce, more long-lasting, fuel efficient and sustainable – all depending on what’s highest on the users’ list of priorities.

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    Strenx® is a high-strength structural steel allowing for innovative design of advanced load-bearing structures that are strong and light.

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    Hardox® is the leading wear-resistant steel with outstanding hardness, toughness and abrasion resistance in the most challenging environments.

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    GreenCoat® is a wide range of innovative, sustainable color coated steel solutions for roofs, façades and rainwater systems.

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    Docol® is the ultimate automotive steel with a tensile strength span that includes advanced high-strength steel (AHSS) and ultra high-strength steel (UHSS).

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    Toolox® is designed to be the market’s most versatile steel for high-speed manufacturing of machine parts, molds and dies.

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    Armox® is an armor steel for the protection of people and property in hazardous environments.

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    Duroxite® overlay solutions are wear-resistant hard-faced plates, pipes and pins as well as wire and electrodes for producing overlay parts with exceptional service life.

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    SSAB Boron is a boron-alloyed steel with exacting properties for quench and press hardening.

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    SSAB Laser® is a high-strength cold-forming steel with guaranteed flatness, both before and after laser cutting.

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