Upgrade to advanced high-strength steels for strength, durability and light weight designs

Why should I engineer products with advanced high-strength steel instead of mild steel?

Design and materials engineers are tasked to make lighter, more efficient, sustainable and safe – yet strong – products. They need to know this secret: Advanced high-strength structural steels are formulated with chemical compositions to ensure lighter, stronger products.

Why engineer with an advanced steel? Because mild steel is more malleable than a high-strength steel, it is often seen as a better material choice. Even aluminum is selected oftentimes merely because it’s lightweight. In contrast, high-strength steel is inherently stronger, it’s seen as some less flexible.

The most commonly used structural steel grades include S235, S275, and S355. Each of these offers unique properties and benefits most suitable for specific construction and engineering projects.

However, with advanced high-strength steel, you're able to design upgraded products to be lighter, stronger and more efficient The benefits are far reaching in profitability and sustainability. Think fuel savings, less material needed to perform the same function, less stress and fatigue on hydraulics, tires and wheels - and others.

SSAB's advanced high-strength steel, Strenx®, can take your business to new heights with stronger and lighter products that outperform other steels in the toughest environment and industry—including, not limited to - transportation, lifting, agriculture or construction.

For example, a mobile crane designed with advanced, high-strength steel can lift 10 times its own weight. In agriculture, lower weight reduces fuel usage and soil compaction, while larger, lighter sprayers can provide wider coverage so fewer passes are needed. This means more productivity in less time at less cost.

Strenx performance steel is a design engineer’s secret ingredient for more sustainable and efficient equipment that can lift more, and carry higher payloads with less weight.

Ultimately, advanced, high-strength steel allows you to do more with less. When you think thinner, you get stronger.

What features make Strenx unique?

SSAB offers the broadest and deepest line of advanced high-strength and ultra high-strength steels.

You can choose from a wide range of high-strength, high-performance steels, from 700 to 1300 MPa yield strength and 0.7 to 160mm thickness, to meet every design need. Strenx is available as hot-rolled plates, coils and sheets as well as cold-rolled sheets and coils. Tubes and open profiles in different shapes, thicknesses and strengths are also options.

Strenx offers high-impact toughness, excellent workshop properties that allow it to be welded and bent, and superior consistency with guarantees for flatness, thickness and bendability.


STRENGTH: The cornerstone of the line is strength. Well-defined and reliable yield strengths of Strenx between 800 (100 Ksi) and 1300 (190 Ksi) MPa inspire the engineering mind to design new and innovative products that are stronger, lighter and more sustainable.


CONSISTENCY: Strenx's consistency is just as important for best steel-making practices. Consistent dimensions and mechanical properties in a plate and between plates are a result of an exceptionally clean steel, consistent chemistry, a low amount of undesired inclusions and a carefully controlled steel-making process.


HIGH-IMPACT TOUGHNESS: Strenx's toughness is achieved by creating an extremely clean steel with a precise alloy composition to deliver high-impact toughness and reliable performance even in extreme cold.


SAFETY: The end goal of all practices and properties is safety. Consistency and reliability have a profound effect on a product's safety. Safe design gets even safer with Strenx. The predictable properties and dimensional accuracy give products made of Strenx extra margin for accidental loads and crash forces.


GUARANTEES: Strenx offers guarantees for thickness, flatness and bending properties and is exceptional in the workshop. In fact, most SSAB standards are tighter than industry standards.


Strenx's tight and guaranteed thickness tolerances make weight calculations more accurate and safety margins more exact. Strenx is also guaranteed to be flatter than common standards at the right margin. The steel doesn't present any problems with the welding gap and the final product looks great. In addition, Strenx has excellent forming properties with tight and guaranteed bending radiuses.

What applications are best for a high-strength steel upgrade?

High-strength steel is ideal for a broad spectrum of applications. Most any product can be improved by upgrading part or all of a design to advanced high-end steel. Strenx makes applications stronger and lighter, which is critical for transportation, lifting, agriculture and others.

Strenx enables cranes to reach higher, trailers to carry more payload, and ag equipment to use less fuel.

In agriculture, a lighter, stronger weight design with high-strength steel reduces fuel usage and soil compaction, while a longer sprayer boom length means farmers can cover more ground with fewer passes to also increase productivity. Strenx also reduces cracking and other damage to plows.

Upgrading to lighter weight, high-strength steel also increases service life and maintenance on machinery. The bottom line is high-strength steel is stronger, lighter, and more sustainable. That means you're doing more with less!

Strenx comes in a wide range of strengths for a variety of applications and design. Entry level is 100 plate, which is used in highest volumes in North America.

Check out our SSAB Design Handbook for the latest knowledge about high-strength steel, guidance on material selection and structural design, and manufacturing tips and advice.

SSAB also offers a comprehensive trailer design guideline, which should be part of every design engineer's tech library.

Much more detailed information is readily available to you on SSAB.com, including ranges on product data sheets.

How does SSAB ensure safety and quality control?

SSAB is rated significantly higher over our competitors for quality steel products.

Quality and process control are the hallmarks of SSAB's approach to steel production. Our advanced high-strength steels are produced according to strict quality specifications. And each plate, sheet, coil and tube is marked so it can be easily traced back to production.

In addition, we perform mechanical testing before delivery and each delivery is full documented in our quality management system.

Our end users are driving us to develop specific properties to solve engineering issues. SSAB's Inspiration for a large product offering is to create a stronger, lighter and more sustainable world. Our vision focuses on doing the work—with less.

We understand specific properties are required for products to be safe and successful. So we look at required properties and work backwards. Properties are our end goal.

Strength and toughness are critical while weldability, bendability and consistency affect workshop properties.

We use strictly controlled chemistry. Industry leading clean and thermo-mechanical processes affect how hot and cold steel work. Clean steel is important for both mechanical properties and workshop properties such as impact, toughness and forming.

Steel quality affects mechanical properties and workshop properties. Thermal cutting, forming, welding and machinery are all negatively impacted by undesired inclusions.

Where do I start with upgrading?

Upgrading to high-strength steel allows you to put the best product possible into the market place. To improve performance and sustainability, you need stronger and lighter products. These are the result of smart design and Strenx high-strength structural steel.

Tubes are a great way to upgrade due to weight and natural stiffness of tube. All steels have the same stiffness, which is why design is critically important.

There is a common misconception that mild steel has better fatigue strength than advanced high-strength steel. This is FALSE. Advanced high-strength steel has greater resistance to denting and cracking initiation and propagation than mild steel.

When upgrading from mild steel to high-strength steel, making a comparison with the EcoUpgrade app offers a rough estimate of the potential thickness reduction when upgrading from a lower to a higher strength steel.

Detailed study and analysis of all requirements are needed to determine how much thickness reduction is possible in any specific case.

Remember that design is important when upgrading and no high-strength steel can overcome poor design.

You can easily upgrade to high-strength steel risk free with our trial stock, which is unique in the industry. This option is excellent for upgrading trials. You can buy small quantities of product to test and try new designs and processing methods.

As a user of Strenx® structural steel, you also have full access to our support resources, including SSAB Tech Support for technical questions and SSAB Knowledge Service Center for application and production development—especially helpful for large, complex projects. Tap into our design and development support to cut production costs, make applications easier to manufacture and more. Or contact us any time at [email protected].

Learn more

Make an educated decision about upgrading in this in-depth, on-demand webinar about all the core properties of Strenx performance steel.

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