When it comes to sustainability, SSAB Americas is making a world of difference. The EcoSmart™ program is our way of making people more aware of the environmental sustainability of our steel. For us, sustainability isn’t something new; it’s built into who we are and how we operate. In short, we are proud to make planet-friendly products using a planet-friendly process.

To learn more about the EcoSmart program, please email [email protected].

Our products

  • Our steel is 100% recyclable.
  • Our steel is made from 97% recycled materials.
  • The durability and high strength of our steel means it lasts a long time, adding years to the life-cycle of products made using SSAB steel.
  • Our long-lasting steel is used for applications such as transportation, where end users can enjoy reduced fuel consumption, and in the energy sector, contributing to cleaner, more renewable energy resources.

Our process

  • To produce our steel, we use recovered scrap metal – 97% recycled materials to be exact. This is material that has been diverted from landfills, everything from discarded appliances to old car parts.
  • We use recovered scrap tires as a raw material substitute for carbon in our production process. We recycle more than 600,000 tires a year, and have recycled more than 5 million scrap tires to date.
  • We utilize renewable electrical energy in our manufacturing process, particularly wind energy bought through a certified program.
  • Our production process results in 66% fewer CO2 emissions compared to the 2014 US steel industry average.
  • Since 2010, we’ve reduced our energy consumption by approximately 25%.
  • We divert more than 800,000 pounds of recyclable materials from landfill disposal annually through an innovative general trash recycling process.
  • We transition nearly 41,000 tons of hazardous waste every year to being recycled for beneficial purposes.
  • We take nearly 9,000 tons of industrial nonhazardous waste every year from various production processes and recycle these materials, saving them from landfills.
  • We recycle millions of gallons of water every year during the steel manufacturing process for water conservation.

What else?

  • We were the first electric arc furnace (EAF) steel producer in North America to successfully certify all of our Environmental Management Systems to the ISO 14001 standard.
  • We dedicate funding annually for ISO 14001 Continuous Improvement projects.
  • We designed and built a world-class Research & Development facility in Iowa, which opened in 2010 and has earned LEED designation.
  • We minimize waste and optimize loads with the use of waste compactors to lower fuel consumption by transportation contractors.
  • We maintain an unparalleled focus on regulatory compliance and safety.
  • We utilize state-of-the-art environmental systems and controls to help us continuously improve our operations.
  • We’ve reduced our energy consumption by using smarter lighting, both in and around our mills and facilities.